Screen all the sudden is black (but shows sign of life). Backlight?

Hi, just out of curiosity: my iMac 2009 all the sudden shows signs of dead blacklight.

But every time it wakes up from sleep or when I turned on it shows “normal” screen for a second.

It’s repairable?

I already opened and cleaned it the best I could.

Thank you.

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Hi, quick question. Does this happen even when the second screen isn't plugged into the iMac?


Yes. It always happens. I just connect the second screen to confirm that the computer is OK.


@urzua sorry, not sure then! hopefully someone else will be able to help out though :/


@urzua could absolutely be a possibility. In a darkened room and with your computer on, shine a flashlight against the screen. See if you can make out your Desktop. If so, you know it's the backlight.


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