Found missing capacitor while replacing a broken screen, no power


I've an issue that involves a repair that became a bit more involved than it was intended to be. I decided to help out a friend and replace a broken screen.

Since those models (2017 MBP - A1706 - 7 - 8) were notorius for breaking a lot, in terms of dead logic boards and god awful keyboard issues, I took some precautions before doing any repairs on the machine.

Unfortunately once I took the back plate off I noted that a small resistor was stuck to on of the speakers I put it in a small plastic box just as a reference for any future actions.

Block Image

After replacing the screen I wasn't able to turn the Mac on, my friend told me he charged the laptop before giving it to me so the battery should be at 100%.

I had some prior experience with these Macs but never had I seen a Mac simply die on me without doing anything to specific (swapping a broken display should be a 30 minutes job imo). I took a picture of an affected area on the logic board and since I don't have the schematics I can't really say for sure whether that loose resistor would be the main culprit for the issues I'm having with this repair.

Block Image

I believe that resistor should be in that place, I can't say for sure unfortunately...

Thanks in advance!

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looks like a capacitor


what is the number on the logic board 820-


I can't seem to find the number, is it on the opposite side of the board?


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