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Repair guides and disassembly information for the 16-inch MacBook Pro released in October of 2021, featuring Apple-designed M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs. Model A2485.

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Display replacement - without pairing with the board

Good day,

When someone wanted to replace the display by himself before, for example on a 2016 15” MacBook Pro, everything worked, on Intel macs with truetone, the display could be replaced as well, but the truetone stopped working after the replacement, unless the new panel was paired with the board.

However, I can't find information about macs with mini LED ( 16" M1 Pro) - I just read that it's even more of a problem. What are the problems with replacing the display yourself on this generation?

I saw a video that if some specific chip is not transfered (soldered) from the old assembly, the backlight will not work properly. Is this true? Will everything except truetone work if I replace only the LCD layer (Aliexpress type 400eur) and leave the other parts of the display including backlight layer from the original panel? Thanks for the info

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2 Answers

It’s definitely possible. There is likely some calibration in the backlight controls that is unique to the machine. There’s actually a pretty interesting post the iFixit crew wrote about this recently.

We’ve seen more than a few posts around the forums indicating these sort of issues. The display will probably work just fine, but you’ll get some weird issues with some dimming zones being dimmer or brighter than they should be or other weird anomalies.

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Thank you for answer, that is very informative article. I was particularly interested in this part - "It's puzzling that this would happen at all, especially since the 16” models appear to accept donor screens without any artifacting."

Do you happen to have personal experience of whether this is really true and everything works OK on 16"?


@andrejprac54976 - that is not correct! The two systems (14 & 16) use the same display and both encounter this issue.


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Your issue is how the local dimming control works. This where the backlight LEDs are matched with the panels lit and unlit areas.

To align the two you require access to Apples calibration tool.

Sorry it’s not that simple. Your only option is to get the part directly from Apple.

Replacing the chips or trying to peel the panel apart are both very risky!

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There is no self repair program in my country. It exists only in a neighboring country - Poland. Do you know if parts can be ordered outside of the country where the self repair program is available? If I returned the original panel, the replacement panel would still cost 720 euros, if not then 820 euro, which is almost 2x more than if I changed the LCD panel itself. I have some experience with microsoldering and I have a tool to peel off lcd layer, so replacing the LCD layer wouldn't be a problem for me, resoldering the microscopic chip from the t-con board would probably be a problem for me.


@andrejprac54976 - Do you know of someone in the other country? If you do see if they are willing to be the shipping address (you also want to use a VPN to place the order)

They will still need to forward the part to you to install, then using the VPN connection access Apples tool to calibrate the screen.


@danj Unfortunately, I don't know anyone from Poland personally. But it looks like you can buy some special version of the LCD panel "with program", where you don't need to resolder the chips from the old display and everything should work (it is written in the description - "A2485 With Program does not require chip replacement.") I'll try to find out more - I found it here:

I send message to to the seller about what it is about and when he replies back, I will add the info here. Maybe the Chinese sellers somehow managed to get hold of the apple pairing app.


@andrejprac54976 - Let’s back up here which model do you have? The M1 systems use a different display then newer M2 systems. I think that’s the confusion!

The Liquid XDR Retina display used in the M2 have local dimming zones. Unlike the older M1 Liquid Retina display. Both need Apples calibration tool.

So far the M2 displays are not replaceable without the tool otherwise the backlight alignment will be off. With the M1 displays there has been reports a virgin display won’t work but a used display will. I’ve also heard reports it doesn’t work. I’m suspecting people are getting confused with the still older Intel systems which a used display overcomes the TrueTone calibration issue.

So as you have some conflicting info in your question be careful! So far the bigger Mac parts houses like TheBookYard - 16” MacBook Pro parts don’t offer displays for the M series system due to Apples lock-in!

I would be very careful sending my money to China, I’ve been burnt a few times.


@danj Sorry, looks like I put this question in the wrong thread. I have a MacBook Pro 16" 2021 M1 Pro. Until now I thought that the display panels did not change between 2021 and 2023 and that the internals were identical parts. So I thought the article posted by Alisha C above regarding the M2 pro models also applies to me.


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