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Released November 2018 as an edition to the iPad's Pro line. Model A1980.

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Is is advisable to remove wifi antennas?

I want to buy an iPad where a technician can remove WiFi antenna. I am looking at:

  • Any iPad Pro or
  • M1 iPad Air or
  • iPad 9th gen (WiFi only variants of all).

Why? I got into medical school after lots of effort and a 1-year gap; now, my bad habits are catching up and I need to strike a balance - like my life depends on it.

My !!%@ addiction is under control, thanks to on-campus counseling, but I want to remove triggers and associate iPad to studying only.
In other words: make sure iPad can only be used for note-taking and reading (it is okay to use my desktop in my private room to do other stuff).

Also, once-a-week I'd like to sync notes and PDFs to my desktop and to cloud. I hope that's possible via USB cables.

Please advise whether, and which model, removal of WiFi antenna is possible.

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ill have to agree with @tomchai , you cant remove parts from things and them work perfectly, especially apple products , maybe a Samsung tablet would work somewhat without the wifi antenna, but apple doesn't like when people mess with their electronics. (for example, you get a permeant notification if your replace a iPhone battery)

you could also try getting a very old ipad that doesn't need any wifi due to that doesn't need updates, and download the apps you need before getting the wifi antenna removed, it may work better than removing a newer one's antenna

also you can use usb to move files to a computer and then into a sd card if you choose

but i don't agree with @tomchai on the discipline thing it's proactive to limit things like this, as my best friend had addiction once, its not a easy thing to watch and even harder for someone to quit without any issues, but learning about electronics on here or doing really anything you find interesting could help!

best of luck!

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Would this plan of removing WiFi antenna work on a Galaxy Tab S7 FE?


i mean, if you don't plan to connect it with any bluetooth devices or your smartphone (assuming you have a android smartphone) and don't plan on using wireless headphones, then yeah, it should work, and luckily, the pen doesn't use bluetooth, so you could still use the pen too! just make sure you download the apps you need. before removing the wifi antenna

my only concern would be the fact it is still supported, and you wouldn't be able to update the apps or the tablet itself, which is why i recommend something that is no longer supported (like a ipad 6 or later, or a galaxy s5 tab or older as these may be dangerous to connect to the internet anyway as they are susceptible to malware and don't need to update, as these aren't supported anyway, just note that any device you choose can't use bluetooth if you remove the antenna, so i would recommend getting a device that has a headphone jack if you need to use headphones

hope this helps!


Thanks for the answer!


@timtomisus thanks for the answer


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How do you plan to study with an iPad without wifi? Also bad news, even after removing the antenna, it still somewhat barely works.

You improve yourself by establishing your own discipline to study or finding the fun in it, or find more meaningful things to do, not by gutting the poor iPad.

Luckily you probably already have found some, like looking into the inner workings of these electronic devices.

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Thanks, but given the load of syllabus and just the competition pressure - I don't have time wait and build monk-like discipline. PDF annotation, screenshots, and video playback seem to work just fine without WiFi login.

Also, I have not "found some" new interest, removing antenna seemed like a good first idea, you don't have to mock others; I intend to finish my school on time. Thank you.

Please let me know whether and which iPad model could work without antenna


@tomchai please delete or edit your answer. It is not constructive, makes tangential/ambiguous claims, makes fun of my situation, and worst of all - prevents other people from discovering (and potentially answering) my question.


@rogersmj No I will not edit or delete my answer, it's up to you to understand what I said and decide whether to follow that.

It's not mocking you, it's genuine disgust for gutting otherwise working devices. You fix things, not break them here, including mental health.


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I removed the left and right wifi / bluetooth antennas on an iPad Pro 12.9 inch (1st gen) and the iPad works fine without them -- even the Pencil which I wasn't expecting :)

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