Robot Randomly Stops with "Please Clear My Path Error"

Hey folks, more posting this so that there's a record of it somewhere if others have this issue - we had this issue where the robot would randomly stop saying "Please Clear My Path" and an error code - I can't remember what it is now unfortunately. We've had this in the past which usually turned out to be a defective or aging battery, but not this time. It also started having the "Please turn my switch to on" error as per this guide/question.

In our case, it actually turned out to be defective/aging Capacitors on the board, and desoldering/replacing these (there are 7 of them from memory, all the same type/size and readily available at most electronics stores) solved both and all our issues - so definitely something worth trying if you're up for it, and a nice easy/simple fix otherwise! There are forums online (Russian ones and the Neato Forums from memory) that have a bit more information on this, so worth a Google I'd say :)

Thanks and hope this helps someone!

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Found a couple of the forum links, though not the one I could remember in particular:

Still should be a starting point though - different issue, but same capacitors causing it :)


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