Cannot start. The correct hard disk was not found.


Replaced my 40 Gig Hard drive in my PS3 with a new Western Digital 2.5' 500G SATA 8m Internal HDD 5400rpm.

Followed all the steps, successfully backed up data and easily replaced HD. However, when I turn the console on it reads the following error "Cannot start. The correct hard disk was not found."

I took the new HD back to the shop thinking I had been given the wrong one, and they said that it hadn't been formatted, so that's why the console couldn't read it. ( Thought the console was meant to do that)

Anyway, they formatted it for me, and I tried again.....still no luck and same error reading.

Help please!

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Mike have you tried this:

1. Turn the PS3 off.

2. Press and hold the power button until you hear 2 beeps, then let it go. If held to long, the PS3 powers off.

3. From the debug menu, select "Restore File System".

4. Follow the prompts.

Let us know how it is going.


not an answer but im having the same issues except its a 320gb scorpio blue, also tried formatting through safe mode like ^ suggested


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