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The aluminum PowerBook G4 was released by Apple to replace the previous titanium-body model. The 12" and 17" versions debutted in January 2003 with the 15" version following in September of that year.

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Another Question About Start up Problems with my G4 PowerBook

Yesterday I inquired about recent start up problems I'm having with a G4 Powerbook that I replaced the lcd screen on about a week ago, as to whether or not it might be an inverter failure or the dreadful failing logic board...??

To refresh and summerize the problem, the laptop won't start up using just the power button, I have to go through a series of keyboard commands several times before it will boot to the desktop. Now it's begun to freeze up on a regular basis once it does boot completely so I basically have to go through the whole process again.

My new question regarding this problem now is: Would a failing hard drive cause these start up and freeze up problems?

I suspect it's likely the original hdd that came with the computer which is approximately 8 1/2 years old but I can't really attest to this assumption.

In any event if there's a reasonable possibility that this might be the problem, I'll purchase another hdd for it and see if that fixes it.


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2 Answers

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A bad hard drive won't prevent the normal functionality of the power button...what keyboard commands are you referring to? If there's doubt about the hard drive, disconnect it and see if the computer powers on properly. A PowerBook does not need a hard drive connected to power on, and with no hard drive you should get a white screen with a blinking folder. You should really try wiping the drive and re-installing the OS to see if that corrects the problems before investing in a new drive.

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Boot up from your system installation disk, go to the second screen pull down menu to Utilities > Disk Utility and select your drive in the left hand column and verify the drive and run the repair till it runs clear, then repair your permissions. Note if the book exhibits ay of the behavior it does when booted from the hard drive. If it is the drive, it should not shut down during this.

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I have in fact run all aspects of Disk Utility from the installation disk on both the hard drive and the volume....Repair Disk - Repair Disk Permissions - Verify Disk Permissions - Verify Disk.

The "Repair Disk" on both the hdd and the volume has finished with "Disk didn't need repair" or a message very similar to that, I don't recall the exact wording.

The "Repair Disk Permissions" finished with "Disk permissions were repaired".

The "Verify Disk Permissions" and "Verify Disk" have finished with "Disk permissions have been verified or repaired" and "Disk has been verified or repaired" respectively.

Quite often when I'm trying to boot up I'll hear the hard drive click but I don't hear it actually start to spin up, on the other hand when it does click and starts making a spin up sound it usually boots up, although often times only as far as the grey screen with the apple logo.


Don't run Disk Utility on the same drive it's installed on, it needs to be able to unmount the disk. The purpose of running it from the system disk was to see if you could start up and run the computer apart from the hard drive. It appears you had no problems, ergo, replace the hard drive as that looks to be when you have problems, ie, when booted from it.


Thanks mayer....I actually did order another hard drive for the powerbook earlier today. Once I receive, install and test it I'll be sure to post an update of how things turned out and if the problem was indeed due to the current hard drive experiencing a failure....Cheers


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