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Image is jumping after 20-30 minutes

Has anyone else seen this issue before?

After 20-30minutes of turning on, the image on my tv seems to jump up the screen for a few seconds and then comes back down again constantly.

It's a Hisense 55p7

Ive turned it off and on again, left it unplugged for awhile and done a factory reset.

If the TV's left off for a few hours then the issue takes 20-30minutes to come back. If I restart the TV instead then I can still see it happening as it's starting up.

The jumping image, is across all inputs, tv, apps and different HDMI ports.

Any advise on what needs replacing, repairing?

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Update (10/21/2022)

Ive pulled the back off and couldn't see anything obviously wrong with the t-con board or the others boards.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi Joshua Farnell,

Have you taken the back off the TV yet, to inspect it? Jumping / distorted picture is usually due to a T-Con board issue.

If you could, could you please take the back off the TV and take out the T-Con board and take high resolution (as close as possible, without losing focus) of both sides of the board? Inspect it for obvious damage?


Replaced the t-con board and I'm getting the same issue.



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Joshua Farnell since this happens after the TV has been on for a while it could be a capacitor issue as well as a transistor issue on the main board. Try to run your TV with the back off and a fan circulating air against the main board. The other thing you can try and do is use some electronic freeze spray and spray small parts of your main board while your TV is doing this. See if that corrects the error and post and image of the main board and mark the area that showed improvement.

There is always the possibility (very minute) that this an issue with the actual panel. Without an oscilloscope and schematics, it would only be a guess and can only be verified by ruling out the main board.

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Joshua Farnell, I agree 100% with @oldturkey03 on this. The fact that it works for a while (though short) and then starts flaking out, is a symptom of something getting hot and in getting hot, it either shorts internally or builds up a very large resistance (caps). Electrolytic capacitors are know for this, and in doing electronic repairs, it's a great tool to have an ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) meter. This will measure the internal resistance of an electrolytic capacitor. (MUST BE DISCHARGED WHEN MEASURING!) A rating doesn't have to be very much higher than what the cap is stated to have at max, before it starts becoming a problem.

One thing that often happens with older electronics, if the device has been plugged in and running for a very long time, if it suddenly loses power, electrolytic caps can work until they're powered off but then refuse to ever work again when trying to power back up. The cooling down from not running causes them to fail internally.


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