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The 5th Generation iPad Air was announced on March 8, 2022. It features the M1 chip and 5G connectivity.

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Is it possible to upgrade storage on the m1 iPads

I have a m1 iPad Air and I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade the the storage on the iPad

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If you need to ask, you can't do it.

It may be doable, but definitely out of your current abilities.

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@tomchai's answer is, as is his wont, correct, short and to the point.

To elaborate on it a bit, most of Apple's portable devices contain memory devices (storage) that are soldered onto the motherboard, unlike things like laptops that sometimes have slots the memory device fits into.

To make matters worse, many, if not most, small chips with lots of pins nowadays are using a connection type called a Ball Grid Array, or BGA. That's a grid of solder dots on the bottom of the chip that get melted onto a matching set of dots on the circuit board. So it's physically impossible to put a soldering iron on them, and they must be removed and installed using a heat gun that blasts the entire chip until it's hot enough to melt the solder.

Once you have the chip off, you have to use a stencil to coat the dots with solder paste, then melt it to reform the balls before you can put another chip on that space.

So yeah, it is possible, but requires equipment and expertise that is outside the range of most of us, myself included.

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RAM and Storage are very different elements! The 4k of RAM is not accessible as its part of the A14 SoC chip, only the Flash storage is accessible as an independent chip. In any case, as Tom expressed this is not something a first timer or generalist repair person can do.

This is brain surgery! It requires deeper knowledge, skills & tools and access to the limited availability of the required chip. You run the risk of damaging the logic board in this effort.

Then you need to put this into perspective! gathering up the tools and doing the research and acquiring the parts is more expensive that just buying a replacement and selling yours to someone who would benefit on having it!


As I've now noted in my answer, when I spoke of "memory", I was referring to memory devices; i.e., flash storage, not RAM memory.


@dadibrokeit - storage devices not memory devices would be the correct term. Encapsulating the word storage parenthesis just confuses.

Think it this way you pull power RAM data is lost. Storage: HDD, SSD or in this case raw flash chips holds the data when power is removed.


Respectfully disagree, @danj. The technical term is "embedded NAND flash memory module", and that's straight from the Toshiba data sheet. The manufacturer calls it a memory module, not a storage device, so I stand by my original assertion that it's memory; the difference being volatile versus non-volatile.

Being pedantic doesn't help when the whole point was to explain why it's so difficult to upgrade their device.


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