Why is my phone turning off spontaneously after being dropped


my Google Pixel 4a 5G had to take quite the hit yesterday when it hit the floor with the full surface of its display, you know, where it doesn't even bounce.

Afterwards it insisted on shutting down very soon after starting and being used. And this without the normal shutdown procedure, just turning black.

Now it won't even start up, there is also no vibration when holding down the power button, no reaction at all.

This leads me to believe that the power supply must be the source of my problems, but I'm not sure.

I took apart the phone to check the battery cable for damages but couldn't find any apparent to the eye. I also spent quite some time reattaching the display cable, but to no avail. It is still as dark and dead as ever.

Should I just buy a replacement battery and try my luck by replacing it? Or what is the best course of action here.

Any help would be much appreciated :)

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