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Repair guides and documentation for the Google Pixel 5a with 5G smartphone. Released in August 2021.

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Need help determining if the screen or motherboard is the problem

So my friend purchased a pixel 5a for parts on ebay. Screen looked good, No cracks or OLED broken. He sent me his phone to fix and it arrived and I did the swap of the screen. Sadly the screen does not light up but I can hear the phone do things. I am wondering if the screen is at fault or if I possibly damaged the Motherboard since I was unable to power off the device cause the original screen did not work. Any thoughts?

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My phone is having the same issue, the screen is black and unresponsive, but the phone vibrates when I touch the fingerprint scanner or hold the power button. I got a replacement screen on ifixit and replaced it with no problems, but nothing changed and the new screen won’t turn on either.


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Just so I am clear that I am I am interpreting the issue correctly. Your friend had a phone with a broken screen, bought a phone from eBay to use the screen from? You swapped the screens, doesn't get an image with the new screen? Is that right?

Regardless, I think checking to see if the original display still works would be a good next step. Unless it was also having the same original symptoms. If the original display still works. It sounds more likely that it's an issue with the replacement screen. If not, or the new display didn't resolve the initial issue, I would inspect the connector on the phone and any components around it. See if anything looks amiss. If you can't tell, feel free to upload some photos to your original question. If the new display was harvested from a "for parts" phone, anything could have been wrong with it.

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Pixel 5a doesn't really need diagnostics, it is a model of a single defect (black screen and qusb_bulk_cid:xxxx_sn:xxxxxxxx in USB devices). Badly designed motherboard deforms under extreme heat and CPU detaches from the board. You have to reball and resolder CPU and loosen the screw in the middle, that's about it.

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Hi, you seem to have some experience with this. Do you know of anyone who will do this repair? Everyone I've contacted seems to refuse to do repair or data recovery on Pixel phones.


Does a new replacement motherboard address this defect?


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