Black Screen after screen replacement Pixel 4XL

I replaced a screen on a Pixel 4XL a couple months ago, about 1 month ago the person I replaced the screen for told me the screen went black and wouldn’t come back on unless they pushed on the back glass panel on the phone. Thinking there was an issue with a sensor or something I was planning to replace the back panel and everything attached to it until I got the phone. Whenever the connector for the screen is covered, the screen goes black. Whether it’s the back panel, the metal bracket that screws in overtop, or my finger. Once I uncover it and wait a few seconds, the screen starts working again. Pushing on the back panel as described before doesn’t seem to do anything, so not sure if fluke or if pushing on it broke something.

Just to be specific, it’s this connector right here

Block Image

Anyone else experienced this issue or no what’s wrong? Never seen an issue like this and I’m not sure if it’s the screen that’s defective, or if there’s something else that’s causing this.

Answer this question I have this problem too

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i just tried replaing glass only and &&^&@@ up the layer under it.

im &&^&@@ need this phone for work


Is there and bent pins/connectors that could cause this?


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