Pixel 4XL only working intermittently. Ideas for what to check?

So my Pixel 4XL was working fine for just over a year. Did not suffer any significant drops or damage that I can recall. I put it on the wireless charger one night, and when I woke up the next morning, it would not turn on. I shoved the phone in a drawer and left it alone for a few months while I bought a new phone. (This was a while ago, so I’m well out of the warranty and extended warranty period on my 4XL at this point)

However, I dug it out when I was cleaning out my drawers and put it on the charger, and after charging I was able to turn it on. It was good for about a day, then the screen wouldn’t power on again.

While it was on and working, it seemed to have no issue charging with both wireless and wired.

If I plug it on or place it on the charger when it isn’t working, I see the indicator lights on my charger light up, implying that the phone is charging even if I can’t get the screen to display.

It seems like if I wait a week or so between trying, it will turn on for about a day before the screen turns off and stops being responsive again.

I’ve tried force restarting the phone as well, no change. Display still remains unresponsive.

I’ve already kind of written off the phone so I’m not opposed to opening it and trying some things. I have done small electrical assembly stuff and I’m generally comfortable with this, although I have never specifically tried to troubleshoot a phone before. I am inclined to try replacing the screen, but I’m not actually sure if that will address the issue. IE, if there’s a chip or something that’s overheating and that isn’t part of the screen replacement process.

So I guess my question is, are there some known components that I should be checking to determine what the actual cause of my screen issue is, as opposed to just replacing the screen and crossing my fingers? Is there a known issue?

I’ve tried looking around for specific causes but everything I’ve found so far regarding this issue just ends in “sent it back for repair/replacement from Google” with no actual resolution about what, specifically, the issue was. I only saw one comment in my search where they confirmed the battery was taking current and working fine, and that they suspected a display issue then, but that also ended in a replacement by Google so they didn’t pursue any further.

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