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Repair guides and disassembly information for the 16-inch MacBook Pro released in October of 2021, featuring Apple-designed M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs. Model A2485.

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Spilled water on my M1 pro Mac

Hi, i accidentaly spilled water on my Mac, I try to get of the water as much as possible immediately, and the charger was removed.

While I was wiping of the water the computer turned on several times and it all seemed to be fine.

How ever, I am still a little bit afraid that I might have ruined something so I just left it shut down.

How long should I wait before using it again? To make sure the water get dry… I don’t have any tool to open it.

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Did your computer survive?


Yes it did! But I noticed heavily reduced battery life time after just one and a half year usage. Not sure if it’s due to the accident or my personal use.

The battery health is at 88%. Still better than not functioning Mac.

If you wonder what I did, Its as Alisha has suggested. You get a clue if you read her post and the comments.

I’ve also waited 48 hour and not 24 before I turned the Mac on again. Just to be at the safe side


Had the same after-effects. Turns out a chip was somehow shorted and never turned off. I could still use it, but had to take care to keep it plugged in whenever possible, otherwise it would lose time. As you say, better than a non-functioning computer.


Hey Kwan! I wanted to ask if your MacBook is still working and functioning as good as it was, I spilled some iced tea over my new MacBook Pro 13inch last week and I turned it upside down and dried it as much as possible but I didn't know I wasn't supposed to turn it off for sometime, I had an important assignment that day and I got back to working on my laptop afterwards. its still working and no harm seems to be done but I wanna know if there will be any future damages so I can set money aside. Thanks a lot for your posts and any answers will be appreciated!


I'd say your computer is running on borrowed time, unfortunately, especially if your iced tea had sugar in it. Corrosion will slowly settle in and give you all sort of random issues before the laptop finally dies. Of course it all depends on the amount of iced tea that went inside, and where.


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There isn’t really a definitive answer to this question, because it depends on a lot of factors, but if you lack the tools to open it yourself, my best recommendation would be to place it somewhere with some airflow, or point a fan at it (on a lower setting, higher settings may disturb the liquid and cause more damage), particularly towards the sides where the vents are located so air can flow through the machine and evaporate any liquid more quickly. And move it as little as possible. I typically advise at least 24 hours, but depending on the amount of liquid which got into the interior you may need more. Luckily these MacBooks are not like a phone and they have much more access to air.

I will also say that just because there is no damage now, if the battery is plugged in, there is going to be risk of additional damage occurring. Even in a powered off state, there is electricity present on the board and if the liquid moves around it may cause an issue. Your best bet is still going to be getting it open and unplugging the battery, since there is no way to know for sure whether or not any water got on anything important or if some water is still present without doing this.

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And warm! To help evaporate the wet.


Thank you for the answer!

What if I wait 4 days or something like that?

Unfortunately I don’t really have fans, but a cold weather. So perhaps I can leave it in my room up side down and open the window. Hope that will help.

If the water dries out, will there be any future damage?


@kwan00 - HEAT (warm) not cold!


I don’t have a haha, the oven I have is to small and to warm.


@kwan00 Yes, it's not exactly the ideal time of year for fans, but I would say that's pretty reasonable. I would actually leave it right side up. If liquid ran down onto the bottom case, putting it upside down may actually introduce liquid to components that were previously untouched.

It is still possible you may experience issues down the road, damage due to liquid contact is actually fairly instantaneous, at least the catastrophic sort. Though if something just had some mild corrosion, that was not enough to actually cause failure, it's still possible that it may fail later on since the initial integrity of the component has been compromised.

But then it's also possible nothing got on your board or other components at all. Most Macbooks, from the bottom edge of the keyboard to the edge closest to the user is all battery on the inside. And liquid on the battery exterior is unlikely to do anything harmful. It all depends on where the water went.


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if anyone else experiences this situation, I recommend buying some ladies tights cut the legs into 12” lengths tie the ends up after filling with cat litter and place all around the laptop ,taking the back panel off if possible. The cat litter is a great absorbent, don’t bother with the fairy tale rice method as its nowhere near as porous as the cat litter these socks also work great to stop the humidity on inside of car windscreens too. hope this helps someone.

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Hello, i have an exact same problem. My one also turned on several times by itself. Can you update me what happened to your one?


happened to me too :/ all i do is put the macbook upside down and as wide as i can and keep waiting :/


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