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{A1706 / EMC 3071}—Released in June 2017, this 13" Macbook Pro features Kaby Lake processors up to 3.5 GHz Core i7 with Turbo Boost up to 4.0 GHz.

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Replaced battery, not charging!

Hello everybody,

I replaced yesterday the old battery of my 2017 MBP following the guide

Everything looks fine but the mac says the battery is not charging. I thought I went wrong on some step and that the battery is not properly connnected (checked twice) but no charging at all.

I looked at system information and uner the power paragraph I can see the new battery, the capacity and all other data but as I said before not charging.

I tried to reset SMC (not easy to understand on a MBP it actually reset SMC or not) but no luck.

Anyone had a similar problem?

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Let’s get a better view of things, install this gem of an app! CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the apps main window and post it here for us to see Adding images to an existing question

Are you using the original Apple charger and the USB-C cable that came with your system?


Hello Dan, and thanks for your reply.

Here’s the snapshot taken by using the app you suggested.

And yes, I’m using the original charger and USB-C cable provided with the mac.

Thanks again


(Put the image on original post, 3rd image)


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mmm … This looks like the charging logic within the main logic board has failed. This is going to need a bit more digging that a local shop will be better suited. It will need someone with micro soldering skills and access the small SMT components this system uses.

Where do you live? Country and nearest city, maybe we can aim you to someone.

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Hey Dan thanks for coming back.

I live in Italy, near Florence (Firenze). I can ask for an appointment at the nearest apple store (not far from here), I tried to change the battery mysellf has the require at least a couple of weeks to replace battery and couldn’t wait that long. Shame on me :D

Or maybe just to learn something new I could try to put the old battery on place, I should get the same result if the logic has failed.

Thanks again for your help Dan, I’ll be back with the results maybe tomorrow (if the MBP still powers on…. )

Wish you a Happy New Year and thanks again for your time and help.



Ciao @Andrea Fabbri - Florence! My favorite city, its old world charm pulls me back every chance I get to Italy! Still looking for a place in the hills of Lucca to retire.

Sadly, I don't know of an independent Mac shop near you. I'll warn you Apple won't be cheap! They don't fix the logic board, just replace them, non bene!


Here we are again @danj .

Removed new battery, put inside old one, took a snapshot of coconutBattery (nice app!). Reads battery info but as you guessed no info about charging. Removed all the batteries and using it as a desktop with external monitor. We'll see in the next days if I find required equipment / knownledge.

Yes I know it won't be cheap, don't know either if it's a good deal or not, but I don't like new MBP with only 2 ports.

Retire here? Not only Lucca, but also around my town (Prato) there are a few nice places in the hills (have a look on google maps on Artimino, Carmignano).

Once the pandemic is under control if you plan to come and visit Tuscany again send me a message I'm sure there are still quite a few places to visit ;)

Thanks for now Dan, wish you Happy New Year and keep in touch.



@Andrea Fabbri - Artimino hamlet is beautiful! When I finally get to the Boot I'll check out the area as well!

Are you up to the task? Micro-soldering, reading schematics and boardview drawings and probing the board signals is not easy.


Yes I know it's not easy, I'll try to find help from friends working on micro elettronic companies after holidays. I'll keep for now without battery then either ask the boss to buy me a mac or take a temporary replacement and have my MBP (hopefully) fixed by skilled friends, last option Apple Store but could be not a big deal on a 4yo machine.

Thanks for now @danj, I'll mark the question as answered, probably victim of some static, I'm sure I've been careful during operations...

Happy New Year again!



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