Reflowing Logic Board as last attempt to bring phone back to life

I have a dead pixel 4XL that refuses to turn on. It’s most likely the logic board because the battery was replaced and the phone still refuses to turn on. Is there a possibility that reflowing the logic board could breathe life into the phone again?

I know it’s crazy but i’m curious.

I should note two things. In the past phone randomly froze and had to be force restarted. I have no idea if that hardware related or the software glitching out. The second thing is before it died the phone was dropped.

If anyone has any idea of what else could causing the phone not to boot please let me know.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

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There are some components on the logic board that would not survive the temperature needed to reflow the solder joints on the main circuit board. The more temperature-sensitive components are installed during secondary processes at the factory (often by hand) AFTER the majority of components have gone through the reflow oven. (you'd need about 260 degrees Celsius for regular solder, or up to 270 degrees for the new no-lead solder to reflow the joints)


How hard was the phone dropped? Have you double checked all the components are connected?

Could be missing software, dead or unconnected display, or even water damage, AFAIK.

In theory, it could've knocked one or more chips lose, but that is so rare to occur, especially with a modern device where the solder BGAs are moderately fresh.


Reflowning the board is not an option because of components with overfill or undderfill.

It is usually like a black or transparent silicon substance.

If the solder melts with silicon covering it, it will have no where to go and randomly ejects out of the silicon once the pressure is to great causing multiple shorted circuit lines.


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