Replace glossy display with antiglare?

I have a Feb 2011 15" MacBook Pro Glossy (no high-res) display. I'd like to swap the glossy display and replace it with an antiglare.

If I take a 15" antiglare from a Mid-2009 15" - MB986LL/A MacBook Pro, and swap it with my 2011, will it work? Does Apple use the same wiring/cables?

Also, if not, will a 2010 display work on a 2011 MBP?

And will I have to install any additional drivers or color profiles to make it work?

Does the color profiles just automatically get downloaded, or will I have to copy it from the old machine?

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Thanks for your response.

Another question, what about the facetime camera? Doesn't the 2011 display clamshell have a "Facetime HD" camera while the older MacBook display's have a regular iSight camera?


You could always just add an anit-glare screen protector...?


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Yes you can you can replace the LCD you speak of with any and all of the LCDs you mention. The LVDS/video cable is the sane for all of them, see for compatibility list of the cable. There is more information on the compatibility of the screen here and Will this screen fit my MBP?. You will need to reset your SMC and PRAM after the exchange. Instructions for doing that are here and here. Resetting the PRAM should take care of color and resolution changes.

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To address the question in your last comment: Apple handles the cameras through USB emulation. The connector/socket for the camera is just a funny looking USB port. As long as the connector on the wire fits in the socket it will work as originally intended.

Based on that comment I think you are really wanting to exchange entire upper assembles between the 2 laptops, which is slightly different than your original question and requires a number of different considerations to be addressed than those posed initially ie: Are the hinges the same and are they going to line up and mount the same?, Are the wires for the camera and wireless going to be long enough and mount the same on the logic board? etc....

If the hinges are the same but mount slightly different, this will not work. etc...

To exchange entire upper assemblies you will need to make sure the hinges will align, mount the same and are the same distance from the upper edge from the top of the lower case. You will need to verify that the camera and wifi cables are the same length and connect the same. Since you have booth laptops there you are the most qualified person to determine these things.

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody LVDS Display Cable Image


MacBook Pro 15" Unibody LVDS Display Cable


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I know that's old, but hi-res connector are different from standard resolution display...

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