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Model A1418 / Late 2012 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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wifi turns itself off

two things happened around the same time. the table the iMac fell over but physically the imac looked ok. The other was an update went through that caused a restart. I think its more of a software issue because if I run the wifi diagnostics it turns the wifi back on, if i restart the computer the wifi is on. If i walk away from the mac and come back after a while (not sure the time frame) but the wifi will be turned off. I cannot turn it back on unless i do one of the things mentioned above.

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1 Answer

Sadly your logic board got damaged from the shock. I’m suspecting one of the larger components shifted enough cause it to fail when your system goes into sleep mode.

You could try downloading one of the anti-sleep add-ons from the App Store that may be enough for now otherwise its time to visit either a good Mac repair person who has the needed skills to fix your logic board or an Apple Store which would likely just replace the logic board.

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What about if i don't put the computer to sleep. I only put the display to sleep. I just turned off put hard disk to sleep and enable power nap. Ill see if that helps and ill look an anti sleep app also


@Carlos - Screen sleep is not the same thing.

I use a program called Amphetamine from the Apps Store that is what I would use.


@danj sounds good thanks. going to try a few things first and see how that goes


I have a question. If this is a physical damage which of course is very possible with the fall then why does a restart or a wireless diagnostic typically bring the wifi back online. I would think if it was physical then software wouldn't correct it in the slightest? thanks again. I have another logic board by chance I just don't want to have to switch it all out if there's a possibility it could be software.


@Carlos - - i don't see how it this would be software.

Prove it to your self, either wipe the drive and install a fresh OS or boot the system with an external drive. Did the problem go away?


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