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Released September 25, 2015. Model A1688/A1633. Repair of this device is similar to previous generations, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, 64, or 128 GB / Silver, Gold, Space Gray, or Rose Gold options.

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iPhone won’t turn on

Okay so I just did a screen replacement on my iPhone 6s. No issues there. The screen works fine and what not. But no matter what I do, my phone won’t turn on. I know that the battery is dead because I’ve seen the indicator before I had this issue. When I first got the screen replaced, everything worked fine except it would constantly shut down. I finally got that issue fixed, then proceeded to screw in the pentalobe screws, and then all of a sudden my phone just wouldn’t turn on. I tried plugging it in, and nothing happened. I tried several other methods to get it to turn on but wouldn’t. Occasionally, the screen would flash the Apple logo really fast but would turn right back off and wouldn’t turn on. It did this several times. Finally I had the idea of soaking the logic board in isopropyl alcohol, and finally that worked and it once again showed signs of life, though the battery was dead. Then I proceeded to charge it and almost as soon as I plugged it in, it wouldn’t work anymore and hasn’t worked since. I’ve been unable to use my phone for over a month because my previous screen died because of the condition of it, and money is scarce so I can’t just buy a new phone right now. Is this a board level issue, or does anyone know what to do to possibly get it working again? I desperately need my phone to work as I hope to start working soon. If anyone has a solution to fix this problem, I’ll greatly appreciate it.

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did you try plugging it into a computer with iTunes? Just a couple weeks ago I had a 6 come in that would flash the apple logo and it turned out it was in DFU mode.


@hootonberg I will see if that’s what the issue is


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What is happening here is the phone has maintained a relationship with your original display. Since the battery had not been disconnected and reconnected after the new display was installed, the new display appears black but the phone will boot up just fine once the original display has been reinstalled, so your phone behaves as though the display has never been replaced. The fix that is most common is present in the replacement guide for this display. The battery must be disconnected and reconnected after the new display has been installed. 

If that does not help then please try the following :

1. To start with, I would recommend doing a DFU Restore.

  • A DFU restore will update the OS, and give us a clean slate to further troubleshoot the device

2. If the DFU restore doesn't fix the issue, I then recommend inspecting the digitizer and LCD cables for damage.

  • The cables are fragile and can be damaged during reassembly
    • e.g., slight tear, pinched cable, damaged pin, etc.
  • Feel free to send me close-up images of the cable if you need assistance identifying damage.
  • If the cables have been accidentally damaged or pinched, let me know, and I can help, if reported.

3. Clean the contacts and cables

  • Clean the contacts gently with isopropyl alcohol/rubbing alcohol/surgical spirits
    • Use a Q-tip or soft bristled brush

4. Reinstall the display assembly.

  • Keep in mind that connectors can become loose or dislodge completely during reassembly, which can easily cause the display to not turn on.

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@kmmeadows During the time that the screen was disconnected, so was the battery. In fact the battery was the first thing I disconnected and the last thing that I reconnected to the board. I wasn’t able to see if it was in DFU mode, but it is working now, as I tried plugging it in last night and suddenly everything works fine and is currently powered on and even at 84% as I type this. And the screen is in 100% perfect condition. No broken pins or torn cables or anything. All is good now


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