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The third generation Pixel released by Google in October 2018.

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NO wifi and GMS signal


Can someone please help me with my pixel 3?

My problem: I have no wifi signal (I can't even see any wifi networks). If I put the phone on the router still no signal. Also, I have no cell phone signal (GSM). Sim is detected but the phone shows "no service". Sim is working (tested on another phone). Bluetooth works fine. The phone is not blacklisted.

What I tested: Factory reset, update, flashing new firmware from google developers

I also managed to connect the phone to the internet via reverse tethering (from my PC) and confirmed that it can still access google and other services. What should I do? Also, the phone has no warranty :(

Thank you for any help or ideas.


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @bonetak

Strange that BT works and that WiFi doesn’t as they share the same antenna, usually also the same chip on the systemboard.

Did you try both WiFi signal options 2.4GHz and 5GHz to see if either network signal frequencies were being detected? Not sure with your model but check in the WiFi settings maybe under Advanced to see if both options are available to be enabled/disabled etc .

Here’s a link that shows how to test the different hardware functions in the phone. I realize that they are for a Pixel 3 XL hopefully they are the same for your model.

In the codes there is a Wireless LAN (WiFi) test code that may be worth a try.

If the test is OK then maybe it is an antenna problem as the test would indicate that the WLAN chip can communicate OK with the OS.

Here’s the iFixit Google Pixel 3 Motherboard Replacement guide.

It is useful because it shows how to open the phone so that the antennae can be checked to see if they’re loose etc

Steps., 24, 25 & 26 show the WiFi/BT antenna cables and their connections.

Step 34 mentions the antenna bracket. So perhaps the 1st image at Step.34 is the GSM antenna because in most phones the GSM antenna is not a signal cable like what is used for WiFi and BT but is usually flat strips of copper, sometimes in a ribbon cable or even inside a plastic module. Anything as long as the length is applicable to the wavelength of the received carrier signals

Just some places that I would check

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Hi! @jayeff

Thank you for your answer. Both WiFi signal options 2.4GHz and 5GHz does not work :( I tried those codes and the results are on the photos (I hope you can see them). I do not know if those results are fine or not. Also, I opened the phone and the Antennas are fine. I changed them and no difference. When I put the phone directly on the router ( Google Wifi in my case) nothing changes. Link for photos:


Hi @bonetak

I couldn't see the images you posted as the link just stalled and went nowhere when I click on it.

Here's how to add images to your QUESTION (doesn't work for adding images to comments) in iFixit Adding images to an existing question.

Has the phone been dropped or gotten wet at all?

Stupid question maybe, but has it ever worked OK for you?


Hi @jayeff

I will try to add the images. No water damage and the phone has no marks from drops. But it has one tiny black spot on the top of the display (you can see that on images). I got it like that. Everything was working before. Maybe... do you have any board schematic for pixel 3? I found it only for 3xl and it is different. Thank you


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