MacBook Air (13-inch, 2017) does not start

MacBook Air (13-inch, 2017) does not start when i press power button. I was using the macbook and all of a sudden the laptop shut down and made some noise, ever since then, its been 4 days the macbook hasn't started. When i turn on the power button, nothing comes up on screen, the keyboard back light does not turn on but the fan spins. There is no chime as well. When i connect a phone via USB, it also charges the phone but nothing comes up on screen and no light on keyboard as well. I tried force shutting down, tried resetting the NVRAM, tried resetting the SMC but nothing helped. Also, when i connect my magsafe charger, the charging light turns green when it's fully charged and amber when it's charging. I have also verified that there is no issue with the macbook display as well. All the ports works just fine when i press the power button to turn it on. There is no issue with the magsafe and there is no issue with the battery as well. I have also tried my luck by disconnecting the battery by opening the backlid and giving it power directly using the magsafe but it did not work. Tried to remove the SSD for a few minutes and plugged it back again just to see if there is anything to do with the SSD but no luck there as well. I tried to get into diagnosis mode , recovery mode but nothing seems to be working. I also took the macbook to apple store, they asked me to pay them 3k INR (diagnosis charges + handling charges) and after paying the amount and waiting for 3 days unfortunately they had no answer for the supposedly "diagnosis" that they had done. I really need some help from all the brainies and experts out there.

Thanks a lot in advance. Hoping to find a solution here.

PS: I have never dropped my macbook, there is no water spillage. No short circuit. Absolutely nothing. It was working perfectly when i was using it and all of a sudden it shut down with some sound and ever since then, it just won't turn on.

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