Device is not charging or turning on

Hello. My laptop will not turn on. I used a USB-C multimeter to check the current going into the laptop and the multimeter is showing 20v but with no amperage. In fact, the laptop is giving out a 0.01A. So i assume the logic board is okay but why the negative amp? Is it because some circuit are shorted?

I also tested to see if they battery is charging but the adapter is not giving any heat either (so i assume the battery is not charging). Does that mean it’s the bad battery?

The power button seems to be working since when I hold it down and then plug in the adapter, the multimeter is showing a 5v. When I release the button, it jumps to 20v. So I assume the power button is responding.

My gut feeling is to replace the battery. Or what else should I check before sending it out to get a diagnostic? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your help!

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