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How can I fix my laptop with no display?

I was using my device as everyday.

All of a sudden the screen froze!

After about a few minutes or so of unresponsive display, I'd resorted to force powering off, holding down the power button.

The next thing I know is a black screen with only the keyboard lit, fans on but no power on the screen, completely black.

I'd tried reaching out to Asus for help, but they've offered to replace the motherboard, which costs 95% of the device, INR 65,000.

Can you please help me ?

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Do any of the LED's turn on or blink? Is which ones?


@mike On the screen none, while on the status panel, first one with a bulb sign... Charge sign ...and the aeroplane mode ..are blinking, apart from the keyboard lights


@Indranil Biswas

What about the hard drive light? The little cylinder shaped symbol.


@aactech nope there isn't any sign on the hard drive light



Though the cpu and the GPU seems to warm up, in a few secs of powering up the system


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Let's start with the lights.

The keyboard lighting up is a good sign.

Do any of the LED's turn on or blink? If so which ones and what colours?

Power Indicator? On?

Battery Indicator:

* Solid white - battery is charged between 95 & 100%

  • Solid Orange/Amber - battery is under 95% and is charging.
  • Blinking Orange/Amber - computer is on battery mode and under 10% charge.
  • Light off - running on battery 10 to 100% charge.

Drive activity indicator - lights up and flashes showing hard drive is loading software. If this is flashing then it is trying to load Windows and you just have a blank screen.

The last two are Airplane mode and Caps Lock is on or off which are not too important here but you could see if the Caps Lock toggles on and off.

Let me know what you see.

You could also try, with it unplugged, taking out the battery and holding down the power button for 15 to 20 seconds. Plug in charger/power supply but without battery and turn on.


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None of the LEDs blink

The bulb indicator is on (I guess it's the power)

The battery is solid white when connected to a power supply, as I charged the device recently, else it was orange before.

The last two, aeroplane mode is on and dosent change while toggling it with the function key+F2

The caps indicator is acting a bit odd, it initially turns on for a few seconds when the machine is switched on and then it goes off, there is no change toggling the caps lock key.


@Indranil Biswas

O.K. so I take it that the drive light does not come on at all?


Yes you are right, no light


@Indranil Biswas

O.K. So take out the hard drive as it clearly isn't responding, otherwise its light would most probably come on.

This guide will help. Always first unplug and take out the battery

With the drive out see if the computer turns on with just the power supply/charger.

It is a process of trying to eliminate the cause of the problem.

It is a pretty cool computer, easy to upgrade so let's hope we can fix it!



Following every instruction of your,

1. I have unplugged the battery

2. Removed the HDD

3. Held down the power button for 20secs

4. Plugged the power supply

Still the machine remains the same :(

I am loosing hope


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Block Image

Is spilling of the thermal paste like this normal ?

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Looks like too much paste was applied originally.

It is just a thin film that is required.

The purpose of the paste is to fill in minute pits on the surface of the chip and the heat sink. Too much paste is actually counter productive and will encourage overheating.

Do you have or can you get any heat paste? You will need to wipe the old paste off befroe applying the new.

When you apply it use just a small pea amount in the centre, press the heat sink down on to it and I wiggle/rotate back and forth to help it evenly spread.


I have removed the old paste with uttermost care and precision, and have reapplied the new paste just a small drop to each component--GPU and the CPU.


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