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There are seven different models within the HP Envy 15-k series. The HP Envy lineup is represented with a total of 13 different models. The 15-k series includes models 15-k000 15-k099.

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Can I upgrade my RAM to two 16GB cards with the system information?

I’m looking to upgrade the RAM in my laptop. It currently has memory slot 1 with 8GB Samsung 1600 MHz and the manual says it can support up to 16GB by adding another 8GB SO-DIMM into slot 2.

However, I would like to know if my computer can handle two 16GB SO-DIMMs and if so, which ones are compatible. Thanks for your assistance.

Additional information:

  • Product #: G6U23UA
  • OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz
  • System Memory: 8GB Samsung 1600MHz
  • system board: 2290 77.13
  • system Bios : F.06
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The 4710HQ can take 32GB of RAM per Intel, but it doesn’t mean it will work. The CPU and PCH are designed for 32GB, but you need to make sure the firmware can handle it (or update the BIOS to make it work) - even then it doesn’t always work due to design compromises or defects in certain board revisions (or a shared cost cutting compromise), so it’s safer for the OEM to rate the system at 16GB *officially* and you end up with some machines that don’t take it, while others are capable of handling it with full stability. Be prepared to take it out and go to the HP validated maximum just in case.

The issue with it not being validated is you do not know if it will work, so do not use the machine for critical work without evaluation time AND a memory test to be sure.

What I usually do when I want to max it out beyond the validated limit with the best chances are a BIOS update (last pre-Spectre for older machines/Current for Haswell+) to ensure the firmware is not a potential outliar issue. Even then, I won’t do it professionally to avoid the risk of having to undo the work and max it out to the OEM validation, but I’ll advise them to update the BIOS and see if it works out for them - it could work but it may also crash and burn but it isn’t MY problem because I warned them and told them how to move forward.

Don’t mix and match modules in an HP - get a matched module kit. HP machines are absolute snowflakes about mixed module installs, so finding a pair that works is hard, especially since the compatibility is gone when one goes bad and you now need a matched pair. The memory they use isn’t something most vendors will sell at retail, so it’s hard to find unless you buy a set that was made by one of the companies who sells OEM grade RAM at retail.

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Thanks, man! I definitely have a lot to consider now. I was trying to upgrade the RAM so i could run a few VMs without issue and bypass not getting a new computer to do it. But I do not want to put this one out of commission.


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It appears Crucial states the limit is 16 GB not 32 GB. So sadly you’ll need to stick with the second 8 GB SO-DIMM to max your system out at 16 GB.

HP ENVY 15-k167cl - Compatible Upgrades

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Alright, Thanks for your feedback. I was reading where it can come down to a lot of different variables but as long as the motherboard chipset can support the extra addressable memory needed then you can increase the amount of RAM over what the manual states. Would trying this cause any type of harm to the system?


The 4710HQ is a 32GB max CPU according to the Intel ARK page - that said, I've always warned that while the CPU and PCH will do it, the BIOS may not work so you're taking a chance going beyond 16GB.


The SO-DIMM socket may not be fully wired up as well so the higher address lines are not connected.


Wouldn't it just not register the extra 16GB if it wasn't wired? You'd think it would boot with half memory, but depending on how the board was laid out, there's probably a good chance it would complain at POST.

What I would probably do is put 16GB in at first and then try the 32GB set once I have another machine I can reuse the RAM in if it doesn't work. Both possibilities are exactly why I warn people it's a buyer beware thing. If I had it floating around and the machine was dead, I'm taking the chance since it's a free gamble.


Post only checks the SO-DIMM ID it doesn't check every memory cell. So the RAM will appear valid in the OS settings none the wiser the upper addresses are not wired. So once you hit the upper address Bang! Your system crashes!


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