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How do I remove the drain plug from the shower tub?

I feel silly asking this question. I feel like this should be common knowledge.

I was instructed by the plumber about six months ago on how to remove the plug when he installed it. Yet, despite my best efforts, I cannot unscrew this thing. And I need to gain access to the drain so I can perform some maintenance on it.

The plug is attached by a screw to the shower tub drain. Right now it spins in its place freely, allowing the plug to be either up (allow water to pass through) or down (plug drain to fill up the tub).

I tried:

  • Unscrewing in the up position, both counter-clockwise and clockwise; no dice.
  • Unscrewing in the down position, in both directions. Would not budge an inch, since there's a tab that inserts itself into the drain cross-hatch (looks like an "X" when viewed from above) that prevents the plug from turning.
  • Propping the drain plug upwards with my finger and turning it both directions (like you would do to a screw that spins in its place in a wall).
  • Placing the plug in a half-up, half-down position, and turning it at that position in both directions.
  • "Whipping" the plug in both directions (like you would a spinning top or dreidel) to see if it will unscrew.

All of my efforts proved fruitless. Am I doing something incorrectly? Is the plug just stuck in its threads?

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Besides the exc4ellent answer that mayer is providing ;-) you could check on here it covers all different types of drains. This here is a good example of how it might be attached....

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Your plumber, since he sold this thing, will probably be happy to anwser your question at no charge. Call him. A woman would have called days ago, but they ask for directions too ;-)

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no, my nice plumber left me the instruction manual..far easier! lol ;-)


Sadly, I know not the plumber's phone number. His attendance was needed due to a large plumbing issue at my home, and it was in fact the property manager who called him; he just happened to install that drain plug as well. Otherwise I would have called him first.

Besides, who needs plumbers when there's an awesome site like Answers? :)


So I take it you will be in violation of your lease agreement by removing equipment installed by the property managers plumber. Doing so would probably void the plumbers warranty. I would almost swear that any plumbing maintenance by you would be grounds for eviction and notification to the renters association and your contempt and blatant disregard for their property rights, banning you from renting anywhere within the area. I hope there is a day bed in your office at iFixit as you may have no other place to go. Never mind the law suit filed against you by the property owner for willful destruction of private property and loss of rental income along with the bill for the flooding of the entire complex. But I would also bet the property manger knows how to remove it, maybe even your neighbor ;-) Have a nice day.


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You seemed to leave out a few details here for me to properly advise you on this issue. Like are you the property owner. Does your lease require you to do property maintenance. You simply state: "I was instructed by the plumber about six months ago on how to remove the plug when he installed it. Yet, despite my best efforts, I cannot unscrew this thing. And I need to gain access to the drain so I can perform some maintenance on it." I see that the plumber instructed you on the proper way to remove the plug. I see you have attempted to unscrew the plug, to no avail. I do not see anywhere in here or the rest of the question where the plumber advised you to remove it by unscrewing it, in either direction. I see in fact from your comment to mayer that you are not the property owner and that the property manager was in fact the one that called the plumber to begin with. that tells me that maintenance to the plumbing is not your responsibility. Attempting to resolve plumbing problems may even be against your lease. I would say the correct way for you to resolve this and to give the plumbing the proper maintenance is to call the property manager and inform them of the problem.

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If it is an issue such as your wife's engagement ring went down the drain simply call the property manager for the plumber's contact information. Then ask them to give you the instructions again.


+ sounds like a plan to me


Miroslav Djuric I am sorry you did not like my answer. It is a "real world" answer. Please read up on tenant landlord laws and read the case precedents in Ohio, my state.


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WOW! I'll bet it was a blast being the offspring and/or the sibling of ANYONE WHO (DIDNT) ANSWER her question. I bet you had lots of fun times growing up. If I happened to be the lady who asked the question, I would have asked each one of the stick in the mud jerks how they became such judgemental @%^!*.

I really can't believe all these people that answered this lady's question turned this into such an issue. "Rental agreement", "Lawsuit", and the absolute jerk of the decade "I hope your office at iFixit has a daybed".. You jerks have no idea why this lady is trying to get into the drain, maybe the necklace her mom gave her the Christmas before she passed away accidently went down there. Not everyone has the money the outrageous "come to your house and fix it" companies charge, I certainly can empathize with the financial end of that. You act as if she is going to hold you personally liable if something goes wrong by removing the drain plug, like the ass who said something about flooding the whole complex. By removing a drain plug? She could flood the neighborhood? You, sir are an idiot.

Robots and sheep.

Robots and sheep

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Sue Chin you seem to be very angry about something. Let me try to clarify a few things. First off, the OP is not a women but (Miroslav Djuric) is a male. Second, not everyone answering was talking about "Rental agreement", "Lawsuit". Third, people that answer on this forum are mostly volunteers. The volunteers on here actually have day-jobs and spend their spare time helping others.

So, with that out of the way let's address your name calling. Don't you think that is a bit out-of-line on a 6 year old question? If you have something constructive to add to this old question, please do that but refrain from profanity and insults. Thank you


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