Looks like another 8600 GPU issue?

Feels like I'm another unlucky owner of A1260 (MB134/A) with NVidia 8600gtm. Some days ago I rendered a Final Cut video all night, in the morning I decided to put notebook into sleep mode. And it never woke up again.

(p.s.: before I put into sleep, there were some artefacts with pink and blue streaks (not fullscreen, but in Final Cut output window only)

I have such symptoms: when press On button, SuperDrive makes a buzz sound, fans start, HD turns on (but doesn't load anything), a front light turns on dimmed (reacts on light sensors, become brighter if laptop is closed), no chime sound (but it shouldn't be, cause I turned it off with a special system prefane app), "CapsLock" button doesn't turn green, AND NO VIDEO, AND SYSTEM DOESN'T LOAD...

I resetted PRAM, SMC, reseated RAM and so on...

Didn't try to use an external monitor due to it's absence, but I'm pretty sure it won't help as:

  1. I don't hear the HD "crackle" (means: load OS);
  2. No beeps when I put RAM out.

I read lots of articles and I'm sure I know everything about the issue now: some repaired with "warming", even with a towel or pillow; some repaired with reflow; some - were mistaken and it was not GPU issue, but low voltage on CPU or Memory issues...

So, I went to regional AASP (I live in Sevastopol, Ukraine) and they said they can't do anything cause my MBP's cover was disassembled not in AASP. So yes, it was, cause my MBP is 3,5 years old, warranty was over 2,5 ago, and of course, I had to clean my Mac, to lubricate coolers, but there were no AASP that time in my region and even in my country (Ukraine).

After, I called in Main AASP in Ukraine, and they said that will try to help me to repair at no cost with my local AASP, but they can't guarantee at least beacause if the code will not match and if I could harm MBP when disassembled by myself. If the code will not match, they advise me to contact USA Apple, only they will be able to help me in this situation. Main Ukraine AASP requested local one a photo expertise of my MBP to ensure I didn't brake anything while disassembled at home, with no authorized person. So they called me today and asked to bring it to have a photo session.

I think I convinced them that I disassembled Mac only for accurate cleaning purposes, because of absence of ASP in my country for these 3,5 years i'm having MBP (local ASP appeared about 6 month ago). Also convinced that a bump on left side (near HD) is not the reason for this issue I'm having, cause I accidently hit my Mac right after I bought it, almost 3,5 years ago.

I didn't try any of "last resort" fixes, cause I still hope that my logic board will be replaced for free. And as I'm almost sure it's a defective GPU issue, I will stand on its.

The main question is that I didn't understand - do they really can't help me if the MBP doesn't turn on to run the Apple Hardware Test for identification of the error code???

I haven't asked local AASP, just because they didn't even asked me symptoms and didn't try to turn my Mac on - just believed my word for it.

Maybe someone had the same problems with free exhange of logic board? Or maybe someone can give me any advise?

Thanx a lot if you mastered reading the whole text :)

I will update as there will be any progress...

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Your problem as I understand it is the failure to boot to even test out the GPU or see the artifacts. I've sent in about ten machines for the Nvidia problem but they all booted. So let's see if we can get it to boot so you can get a free logic board. Sometimes this machine will not boot if the hard drive has gone bad. Try a "Safe" boot with the "Shift" key held down. Try booting from your system installation disk by inserting the disk and holding down the "C" key. Remove the hard drive and try the install disk. Do you have another Mac for Target mode. How's the test light on the battery? What light are you getting on the MagSafe?

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thanks, I've just tried with "shift" key, but still no success as with installation disk too. The problem is that the screen is black and HD even doesn't try to load anything (no "crackle" sound).

I don't want to touch the hard drive, beacause, as I already said, they didn't want to take my Mac to service just because I already opened the cover at home (not at AASP) just to clean fans and keyboard. But the cords on HD are sticked, and I dont want to unstick them until they will take my MBP to diagnostics (after they will recieve accept from main AASP in country).

Unfortunately, I don't have any other Mac near to try Target mode, but I thought about it.

Battery... I don't have it :) The one that was in package with MBP exploded in less that 6 months, there was another Apple exchange programm of battery, but, as I said before, 3 years ago there were no AASP in Ukraine)

As there's no battery - alway green light on MagSafe.


Try disconnecting the hard drive ribbon cable from the logic board. That shouldn't involve any tape. Since you don't feel you can work on it without them knowing about it, it sounds like it's time for some bribery. Bake a big batch of oatmeal raisin cookies and take them some ;-) Or a case of beer.


ok, Mayer, I'm gonna try to unplug ribbon cable right now.. I'll write back in half an hour.

Bribery won't work here, I suppose :-)

BTW, I wanted to ask whether you know if they really can decline free exchange just because I disassembled laptop at home (but I didn't unplugged any inside screws on logic board, etc., but only external ones for cleaning), or they just don't want to deal with me for free?


No, mayer, it didn't help.. just front light didn't lit, but the screen still black.. I think I just need to wait progress from AASP... But anyway, thank you very much for your responses=)


I just talked to Mac Tech plus, another tech here in town. He has had them repaired with the Nvidia issue that wouldn't boot. Just tell them you were getting artifacts on the screen. Just opening it to blow it out would not void your warranty. Warranty on the Nvidia problem is not an issue as the warranty is out of date. Tell them to test the board for the issue, if that is not the problem you will pay the "flat rate fee", of $280 US for them to fix it. If you are a female, dress accordingly. If not, bring one. Most techs are lonely.


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Hi, I had similar problem with my MBP this spring/ and I also contacted Ukrainian AASP. In three days after I've dropped my mac to service they contacted me and said that I have warranty issue and they gonna replace my logic board in 21 days.

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Hi, Oleh. Are you from Sevastopol? Cause I bought my MBP also with Oleg, maybe that's you? ;) If yes, then write me back here with mobile phone contact, please, I want to ask some questions about this issue. AASP also told me that if the error code will match Apple's exchange programm, the delivery of logic board will be about 3 weeks = 21 days. So what about you, did they exchange you for free? And did you disassembled your Mac before?


list your contact information in your profiles. Now you two know who to contact for Target Mode ;-)


Oleh, thanks for a call ;)

If you don't mind, I'll make a call to you if needed


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