MacBook Air won’t turn on charging cable red light only

I rarely use my MacBook Air (maybe once every 2 months, mostly use my iPhone). A few days ago I fired it up and it was running fine. I closed the lid and left it plugged in to charge. A few hours later I came back and it was completely dead and wouldn’t turn on. The light on the charging cord only stays red, even overnight it never turns green and the MacBook won’t turn on. There are no noises when i press power. I contacted Apple Support and they gave me several keyboard commands to try with no luck. One of them (I believe it was control, option or command, shift and power) did turn the light green for about 2 seconds then back to red. But that was it.

All Apple stores are closed due to covid19, so they referred me to a local computer store who will charge me a $99 service fee plus labor and parts. Is this just a bad battery that needs replaced or even a bad charging cord that needs replaced? If it’s the cord I can order that from Apple and save myself the service fee. Any other tricks I can try ? Thanks

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First, ensure you're using the correct charger (not sure if you have any other macs, and sometimes they can get mixed up). If you have the tools to do so, you could unplug the battery connector from the logic board, do an SMC reset, and then try to power the computer on using just the power adapter. If this works, it most likely means the battery needs to be replaced, as it's not charging.


@alex thanks for the reply. I am not tech savvy at all and took it into the authorized dealer for Apple since all the Apple stores are closed to covid19 right now . the guy at the repair place couldn’t get it to start up either so he’s keeping it to check it all out and will let me know . He was skeptical of it being the battery but I’ve literally had this air for 2.5 years and RARELY use it. My first MacBook Pro lasted me about 6-7 years and my family members use theirs for several years with no issues . I don’t see how it CANT be the battery from non-usage just depleting it but guess I’ll wait and see . I’ll post back here what they say for anyone who finds this thread in the future


Hi, it has been a long time since you wrote this comment, can you please tell what happened since I have the exact problem with my Macbook Air. Thanks


The same thing happened to my Air. I left it plugged in and it never worked again. I tried a new battery and it didn’t work. I was thinking it could be a bad I/O board but it could also be the Logic Board. I haven’t tried anything else.


I have the same exact issue. I even opened it up and unplugged the battery and plugged the charger in, did the SMC reset, did all the keyboard tricks and used a different charger. No luck so far..


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