transmision stuck on Gear 3

why is my MK4 transmission stuck on Gear 3 only?

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I'm not too familiar with the MK4, but is yours automatic or manual?


If it a manual, with car shut off , check clutch master cylinder resivour fluid level. top off if needed with proper fluid. then depress clutch pedal to floor and let it snap up 10 times.


Might be limp mode if it's an automatic. But the MKIV doesn't really tell you what gear you are in with an automatic. If it's manual then you may have a bad synchromesh ring that is keeping you from pulling out of gear. You can either remove the transmission and attempt to disassemble and press off the gears to replace the synchromesh ring OR buy another used one to replace it.

Check the brake fluid like Rodney Miller suggested to ensure your clutch is fully engaging first. There is a small screw on the clutch cylinder to bleed the fluid. Good luck.


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