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First generation Apple iPad with Wi-Fi, available with 16, 32, or 64 GB. Model Number A1219. Repairs are straightforward and do not require heat.

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How to bypass iPad A1396 Activation Lock?

Yeahhh, so this definitely sounds like a dishonest question to be asking but this is my kid’s iPad, promise. My daughter cracked our old family iPad, A1396. When I bought a new digitizer and when I tried replacing the screen, I hacked through what I learned through here is the Flex cable. Well, I eventually got around to installing that and everything works as it should now. Except, I made an error during install and thought I need to reset the iPad because it was stuck on the connecting to wifi screen. It wouldn’t allow me to cancel it and retry and I didn’t have the power button attached right to exit. So, stupid me- reset it somehow. I went back inside fixed my power button again and got it back running to enter in my Apple ID. This time it went passed the wifi section and got stuck in an Activation Lock screen. I can not get passed it. Apparently, the person who sold it to me 5-years ago, I believe, has their email address still assigned to it. The iPad went back to his information. It’s 5-years ago. I do not have the receipt.

I was on support with Apple for 45 minutes. Basically, you are SOL ma’am. I verified that this iPad was on my iCloud account. Hooked it up to my PC, etc. Oh, and she suggested that maybe if I deleted this iPad from my iCloud account, that maybe I can sign in the verification section then. I told her my hesitation about that, but I did it anyway feeling like that it may be my only option.

It didn’t work. I now have a useless iPad, but a fixed one! I need to get this working again for my kiddo.

Can someone please share with me a way to get around the Activation Lock screen, either here or PM me, please?

UGHHHH this stinks!

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Activation lock is tied to the board and serial number of the iPad. There is no way to remove it.

Usually these Activation Lock devices are stolen or the previous owner didn’t know better. In your case, you have a chance at getting it back BUT you need to remember the iCloud account or find a receipt to prove it is yours. These are usually stolen (yours isn’t and I can tell from how you said it), so that’s why you need that for proof of ownership.

If this was private sale, you’d need to hope the seller works with you or return it if it came from eBay.


It isn’t hard to find another one on eBay. The iPad 2 is common due to it’s age. At this point get the 64GB since those aren’t much more in a lot of cases. Expect to pay ~$40-55 for a 64GB. You may find an iPad 3 for not much more as well.

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That makes sense, but I don’t think eBay will take back a repaired return from 5 years ago :/

It sucks that it was registered with my iCloud and Apple could not help


@nick She asked how to repair it last February.


@mayer I didn't think to check for that. Usually activation lock questions are isolated and don't have a past like that. I also went under the presumption it was fresh from eBay and not a few years old.

I don't think Apple accepts eBay receipts - I wouldn't either. For all Apple knows, it's just another stolen iPad.


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Just call the person who sold it to you and request that they remove it from their iCloud account. You should then be able to restore it or clear it out.


Sorry I was not aware that it was an eBay buy. You did get five years of service out of it and it is pretty obsolete now. You can also get another working one on eBay now for under $35.

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@mayer it's probably more cost efficient to get another one at this point. Obsolete iPads are easily totaled out nearly 100% of the time.

That's a screen :P.


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