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strange problem with video card or monitor

This imac 24" has a crazy monitor card, i see green lines, freeze ups with flash or youtube videos resulting in reboots.

yet a friend suggested to try his using his samsung monitor attached to this imac 24" to see whether the problem goes away, i thought to myself whatta PC geek again he is, more monitor more vram used resulting to more green lines i assumed, warped picture and freeze ups,

i took his offer anyway to try it with my macbok pro 17", and i was shocked, the imac runs better, faster, no freeze up and of all things to expect, NO GREEN LINES OR WEIRD WARPING OF MY SCREEN, why is this i like to ask people here, can anyone explain this?

Its a samsung dvi vga 21".

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Sounds like your logic board and video graphics card are OK. First try reseting the PRAM by restarting and holding down the option - command - P - R keys and wait for three tones then let go. This failing I would have to suspect the LCD of going bad. This machine also may use shared memory so I would check to see if it's reading all of your RAM. Try just one stick at a time to check it. (I'm trying other things as the LCD is expensive to replace).

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thanks, nothing changed though

ill try the memory trick, says it sees it but never know


i got new ram around, compatible with the two imacs, works better but still shows those lines and scrambled texts in the finder.

again with a second monitor the screen works flawless


Sounds like your LCD has gone bad. What do mean "it works better", with the new RAM? How does it work better?


You may have had a RAM problem which it appears you've corrected. The LCD part number is 661-4184. The lowest price I've seen on this part is $425. I think you can buy the whole machine on eBay for about the price of the screen. That puts you in a tough place. Buy the machine for the LCD and sell the parts back or get a very good external monitor, put the iMac on the floor and use it that way. The logic board is selling for $489:

So you might do just fine buying the whole machine and parting it out. That machine sold for $560 today. I know because I was bidding on it:


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i im literally about to buy an imac 27" i7, 8GB ram, 1GB vram, SSD etc

giving this to the kids as a dual machine using that samsung monitor, gonna look into how to split it into two machines, maybe one PC and one MAC since with two monitors it works rock solid, no LCD issues.

i spoke to the seller from ebay finally, she said she got it used, nice, so she basically sold one she knew did not work properly, oh and she added that she mentioned she did not like the screen, me too.

but its def the logic board from what we gathered, the original owner apparently disconnected the DVD drive in the past to fix it and had heat sync problems because he did not re connect one of the sync cables, later it turned out it was the reason his fans ran like crazy and caused him to sell it to her, the person i got it from, whos boyfriend opened it up and re connected the heat sync cables, all in all they tampered and damaged the logic board somewhere along he way, and they also used a external monitor while having the machine inside their desk, which had a area with a little door to store things with shelves, she said they removed the shelves and had the imac inside this air tight area, explains the abuse

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