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Why my MBP keeps crashing after SSD and RAM upgrade?

Hi! So i replaced the HDD with a Samsung 860 EVO 1Tb SSD and 2x8gb (16gb total) Kingston HyperX 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3L 1600MHz memory. The laptop is a Macbook Pro 15” mid 2012

I have had the three beep problem before (tells u theres a problem with ram) but removed one of the original rams and seemed to work, this was a while back. Now that ive updated it, it randomly freezes or crashes with strange pattern and static on the screen. Sometimes it turns off on its own and sometimes it just freezes so i force turn off. When I try to turn it back on the three beeps again. After a while of being off it turns back on as normal.

Also when its sleeping for some time and i open the lid the sounds from when u restart it happen but it doesnt really restart only the enter password screen appears. But internaly u hear as if i have restarted it or turned it on.

As i was writting this on my phone the mbp just turned off and the beeps again no crash this time…

I think its obviouly a ram problem and not an ssd one. But is it a faulty ram? Or maybe where u insert the ram? Or did i buy the wrong type of ram?

It very frustrating since i updated the components for the computer to last me some more years as i cant afford a new one. And i also have some battery problems so having a new components problem is very frustrating.

Thanks in advance and sorry for bad english

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Mac devices have a built-in hardware diagnostic utility called Apple Diagnostics. To access Apple Diagnostics, hold down the D key as your MacBook boots up. The Diagnostic tool should appear.

After selecting your language, follow the on-screen prompts. The MacBook should run some tests on itself and report to you the problem component.

Mac startup key combinations


Ram errors can be tricky! I would start off running diagnostics to see if something pops let us know what you get.

If you are using the newer Mojave you may encounter diagnostics won't work as Apple has a bug in the firmware.

Did you replace the HD SATA cable when you put in the new SSD? This series originally has a SATA II (3.0 Gb/s) HDD you've now put in a much faster SSD and to add to it its a SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) drive. Your systems logic can support it but the original cable was not rated to run at the higher data I/O. Thats why you need to replace it with a newer one that supports SATA III drives.


@dancomptia I had the same idea and tried multiple times, both the short and the longer version of the diagnostics but it freezes before the diagnostics ends and I have to force shutdown and turn it on again.


@danj But if the problem came from the ssd upgrade then why do I have the three beeps that indicate a ram problem. Would the cable explain the freezes and static?


RAM beep code mostly refers to the RAM and/or the RAM slot. But sometimes it can be a sign the drive Virual RAM has a corruption this is the space on the drive which has issues. Thats why the HD SATA cable can be an issue.

But in your case the failure of diagnostics to complete tells me the physical RAM or slot are more suspect here.

The cicuit board lines and the PCH could also have issues. Did this system get wet as some point? Corrosion would be a possibility as well.


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Are you sure you purchased the correct memory for your laptop? If so, maybe the memory you bought is defective.

I bought some memory once from Ebay. It appeared to be the correct memory; but the computer wouldn’t boot all the way after I installed it. Turns out the memory was for an AMD machine, and my machine was Intel. After the seller told me that, I looked back at the product description, and sure enough, it said that it was for AMD machines!

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@mrjimphelps - You are correct the specs of the SO-DIMM's is important!

There is nothing unique between the CPU's that prevents RAM from working across them other than the specs.


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