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Gaming headset with around-ear headphones and removable omni-directional microphone. Shipped with Xbox One audio adapter and a micro USB update cable. Released 2014.

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Help with splicing Turtle Beach wire

My turtle beach is broken at the jack so I decided to try and splice it with the jack from a working pair of headphones, but I'm completely confused. The turtle beach seems to have 4 wires (red, green, copper, and a red/green twist that had a copper outer layer that I untwisted) and the one I wanted to splice it to seems to have 5 wires (blue, green, red/copper twist, green/copper twist, and solid red with a copper outer layer) so I don't know where to go from here. I took some pictures to show what I mean. Help is much appreciated.

Turtle beach:

Block Image

Wire I'm trying to splice to:

Block Image

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I’m not familiar with the 5 wire picture you posted but i repaired a few turtle beach headsets in my days and if i’m not mistaken on your turtle beach …The red is right audio and green left audio. The copper wire is ground , the red/green is mic and the copper around that wire is also ground. You can solder a new 3.5 mm jack to these wires. The jack has four soldering points (starting from top to bottom) where 1=left audio 2=right audio 3 = the two grounds and 4=mic.

hope this helps,


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if you decide to replace the 3.5 mm jack make sure is a four pole TRRS male jack.


So there's 2 grounds? Are u supposed to untwist the copper that's around the red/green and join it with the other ground? The 2 grounds are what's confused me the most.


yes, you twist them together.


Okay, thanks for your help, really appreciate it.


i need help the part that i plug in is brooken help ifix


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There isn’t really a standard for wire colors in headphone wires. While many manufacturers use similar coloring, you should still test each wire individually to see what it’s connected to. As for the 5th wire, it could be a mic cable, or just an extra that leads nowhere. In any case you shouldn’t lose functionality as long as the other 4 match and the pinout on the new jack is the same.

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Yes, very confusing how there's no standard for wire colouring. I've seen some different diagrams and I have a feeling 3 of them are grounds (if you count the copper cover on the red as seperate) and the other 3 are mic/right/left.

Anyways I found a 4 pole headphone extension cord and i cut it open and it had 4 wires, (red, green, white, black) so to test it I twisted the wires from the extension with the wires from my turtle beach. I twisted the green to green and red to red, and to my surprise the sound worked out of my left headphone. When I untwisted the red wires and kept the green wires together I got no sound, and vice versa. I then tried twisting the wires red/green and red/green and again I got sound from my left headphone. What gives? Why do you think both combinations are giving me sound out of the left headphone?


Looks like red to red , green to green , white to red/ green and copper to black would be what I would try to do. Also, keep in mind that you can't really twist these wires together ..these wires have a thin coating that needs to be burnt off in order to make good contact. You can simply burn the tip off each wire with a lighter. Just quickly light the tip of the wire and as soon as it lights up you blow it out. Usually this is were you would solder the tips together but in you case you can try to twist the together from the ends you burn off the coating. Good luck.



You don’t need to connect ground 2 times.

You simply just connect the red green mixed cable with the M- and only the copper colored with the ground


Hey Guys, so I'm in the middle of this.I have the Headset Working great, but nothing from the Mic. I'm using an identical Headset to donate the Splice wire, I can't understand why the Mic isn't responding.


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