What is this part called and where can I get one?

This part is glued to both volume button backs (internal) and to the big plate attached to the fingerprint scanner. The volume and power button flex assembly rests on top of it.

Its profile is that of the 3 button assembly—volume up “button” on top, power button below that, and the volume down “button” below that.

Block Image

Watch this from 0:50 to 2:00 to see part removed and glued back in place. (Scroll down a bit to see video start button.)

Block Image

UPDATE: 9/26/18

Zhu at Witrigs.com calls it a “gasket”. Looks like one. But a longer name (a la the “volume and power button flex”) would be helpful since I’d like a new one.

Zhu at Witrigs.com is sending me a used one from a phone that’s been taken apart. We’ll see how much it helps. As it turns out, I have “all 3 pieces” of the gasket. Two had been glued separately to the volume buttons, the other had been glued over 100% of its surface to the fingerprint sensor. (This is a refurbished phone that Verizon sent as warranty replacement after previous 3 didn’t work at all well.)

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Found this V10 schem on a website for a “nominal” fee of 4 bucks or so. Sez it lists “labels for uncommon parts of the device” - worth a shot? Looks pretty detailed.


I would say your only other option would be to pick up used assy on ebay and swap the piece - saw a few…

good luck! :)


Hi @ Lee R

Unfortunately your link isn't working. Edit your comment and post it again.



Lee: "...1-page repair guide ..."

jayeff: It works for me. You have to scroll down a page to see the video start button. I'll note that.


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