A1150 Black screen sometimes

hi guys, i bought this a couple of weeks ago and it was working fie until suddenly it would boot to a black screen (not just backlight gone, completely black) so i reset pram and sreset pmu and it came back to life.

it happened again a day later, but the resets did nothing this time, still black screen.

so i googled around for a bit, and tried everything i could think of but no joy. i left it for two days and was gonna sell it for parts when i powered it on and wahey the screen came on again.

after using it for a whole day it went black all of a sudden while i was using it (first time that happened)......keep in mind that the ext display is working averytime it went black.

so it was coming on when it wanted for the next few days when i saw an article on google somewhere that said to go to some folder and delete the sleep image file and to disable hibernation (that maybe it wasnt waking from sleep properly)

as soon as i deleted it the screen came back on.

then the next day it powered on but the screen was grey wit black patches around the outside.

now its still being very tempermental and coming on whenever t suits itself

any help here would be very much appreciated, i spent a fortune on this and im broke.cant afford to take it in to be repaired.

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when i was reassemblig, i put a bit of kapton tape (the orange tape on the inside of laptops) over the ground part of the lcd screen....maybe the cable was shorting/touching off the top case and that was causing the problem.

ive been all day using the laptop, and have restarted a couple of times and all is well so far.

looks like i solved my own problem. well hopefully his will help someone googling around a bit with the same problem as mine.

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Boot up from your system installation disk and see if it happens. This will help determine if the problem is software or hardware. If all works well with the DVD, then reinstall a clean system.

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thanks for the quick answer mayer.

ya i booted up one day, black screen again surprise surprise, so i thought it was a software issue, driver, or other. so i booted into snow leopard install disc during the install the screen came back on.

but after a few hours working on it, i shut down and it booted to black screen the next day.it was booting all the way to the desktop just the screen wasnt coming on.i t was fully functional on ext monitor.

so i took it apart yesterday, it wasnt working hen i started but when i had it completely apart inverter out and everything it worked fine.

so i pulled the tape off the screen cable and put back on the copper for the ground thing and taped it up with electrical tape and reassembled.

its been workig all day today......so ill let ya know how things go from here.

ps.after fresh install i deleted the sleep image in volumes/'my disk name'/private/var/vm and disabled hibernation from terminal.


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