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The Nintendo 2DS is a handheld gaming device developed as an entry level version of the Nintendo 3DS with nearly identical hardware, but without the 3D upper screen function.

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When to know when you can play a 3ds game again.

So, I got my 2ds on regarding the fact it had water damage by putting it in a bag of rice last night, yet, I did try to play Kingdom Hearts in it which was a 3ds game, but, it gave a black screen. What can I do to get my games working again for it won’t immediately shut down on me?

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Oh my god I LOVE Kingdom Hearts! <3


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rice does not help. you will need to thoroughly clean out the device.

Electronics Water Damage

you can use this guide to disassemble the important parts for the most part.

Nintendo 2DS Motherboard Replacement

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This will not work. I will try the rice and it may be a possibility that it could fix it. All I can do is hope and pray. God was on my side today. He's going to get me through this. I'm letting the ds itself stay outside of the bags and I'm getting the remaining Diet Coke that had gotten onto the games and check the progress of both the DS and the games to see if it was a real water damage or just a 2 day thing.


with water damage it causes corrosion. with electricity going through it, more corrosion builds up shorting other things. even if it works temporarily it may stop working later. @danj



Just wondering why you're saying that cleaning the device as advocated by @captainsnowball will not work.

One thing is for sure, rice will not work in the long term.

This may be of interest to you.

Don't Put Your Device in Rice. Here's Why


I agree with the corrosion and no rice thing but I also heard to not use any alcohol-


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