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The current line of iPod nanos comprises seven different generations.

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went into washer then into dryer on mistake

went into washer than dryer on mistake, what can be done , would not come on at all

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It's most likely completely wrecked, basically it could be all the parts, but it could only be one of them:

These are the main components, the case components should be fine. I would prioritise the Battery, then the Display, then the Logic Board. If replacing all of these doesn't help, buy a new iPod.

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I would say that before completely abandoning your iPod that has been water damaged, first try letting it dry out completely

- sometimes electronics will survive such an event, but it may take many days to fully dry out. My old flip phone survived a full wash (but I discovered it before I put it into the dryer), but only after I dismantled it and let it dry out for about a week. at first no life, but eventually it started working, no worse for the wear. it took quite a few days before all the water that got inside the LCD display dried up.

there are lots of other posts in the Answers section with people who have had water problems with their iPod, take a look for other answers, for example |search the Tags for liquid spill or water damage. also try the trick of storing your iPod covered in uncooked rice to absorb the moisture.

if after all that you still can't resurrect your iPod, then perhaps the damage is permanent and things need replacing. but I'm saying it may be worth your while to at least wait a few days before having to spend money to fix your iPod. Good luck

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Logic board isn't even in stock- if it comes to that, for $129 you can pretty much buy a new nano.

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I completely agree but for the purposes of repair community I was listing what would need to be replaced. Also, I find that iFixit refresh their stock regularly, for example I asked to be notified when iBook G4 1GB RAM was back in stock, the next day they had 30.


That's nice to know about restocking, I'll keep that in mind. However, logic board replacements are very tricky and require lots of skill, so I suggest the poster tries as you said, first a battery, but there's no point in replacing a logic board, you may as well sell the parts that work and get a functioning machine.


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