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Released September 16, 2016. Models A1661, A1784, and A1785. Available in 32, 128, or 256 GB configurations in Rose gold, gold, silver, black, jet black, and (Product)Red.

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Logic board problem please help


I updated my Iphone to the most recent update and noticed it was very slow and my calls, earphone jack and camera app wasn’t working. So I tried to restart my phone however it was just stuck on the Apple logo. I then tried to restart it through my Mac book I did work but it took 4-5 hours to come back on.

The next day my phone switched off completely. I rang Apple care and my phone was still at the Apple logo. So she booked me in with the Genius’ at the Apple store.

The genius guy took a look at my phone and said I had many panic logs so there is a problem with my logic board and because I was in warranty was happy to ‘repair’ however upon taking off my screen protector he noticed a small crack on the bottom left corner of my phone and explained that he couldn’t ‘repair’ it without playing £169 to repair the screen to guarantee their work. (Understood) however I wasn’t happy to pay that price. Anyway to cut a long story short I have had a three week case open with Apple care with this problem. And I have now found out (reading many articles and speaking to an ex Apple Genius) that a logic board on an IPhone 7 Plus cannot be repaired. Therefore the phone has to be replaced.

So I don’t understand what the £169 I would have to pay would be for?

Also are crash logs a genuine way to detect a logic board failure or are they just BS’ing me?

Has anyone has this problem? Or is there anyway to fix this problem by myself?? The phone is just a year and two weeks old. (Still in warranty because I reported problem while in warranty)

(Screen is working fine. It’s a hairline crack in the bottom left corner. Earphone jack, Siri, no sound with recordings on social media apps. Camera app and phone calls are not working)

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I had the exact same problem but I had to pay £339 for a complete phone replacement. Should I not have done this?


I had a similar problems. Iphone shop in meadowhall asking me to pay 350pound for a replacement phone. Not Happy


I have the exact same issue. Been getting the run around for over a week now. Also telling me that I have a tiny crack and have to replace the screen. Phone is still under apple care, but they still charge $29 to repair screen when screen was fine. Not sure that it even had a crack or they are just saying it has one. I never noticed it. This experience has been a nightmare. Apple sells a defective product and then want you to pay to fix it? I'm done with Apple after this phone needs an upgrade.


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Sometimes, the Genius can be (insert your favourite adjective) about it.

What they are telling you is that they will not fix/replace it if there are any signs of damage. Because you have a crack in the screen, they are asking you to replace the screen so that they can then swap out your device. Perhaps if you tried again at a different store or with a different Genius, you might get a better service experience.

As for logic board issues, they can usually be repaired by an experienced micro-solderer, depending on the actual issue and chances are you wouldn't pay more (or much more) than what Apple is trying to extort out of you for a small cosmetic crack in your screen.

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^This. The word “repair” is used by Apple to mean they will replace your logic board with a new or refurbished one and your old board will be refurbished if possible and used again. Anything Apple sells IS repairable, just not by them. If you have any data on the device that is not saved to iCloud or otherwise backed up, if you take it to Apple, it is gone. If you send it to a skilled technician that is experienced with iPhone logic board repair you will usually be able to get your device back, actually repaired, with all the data still on it.


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