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Repair guides and support for the 5th generation Honda Civic, first released in late 1991.

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Changing the belt for an alternator

i just put in a new alternator, How do i change the belt

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This is a good question. Please tell us more about your car like the year and the motor in it. Apparently Honda has several belt configurations for your ERA of Civic. Thank you

by ABCellars

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Yes, this model actually uses 3 belts if it is A/C equipped. Alternator, power steering and AC belt are all separate. I attached a copy of a page from the service manual that shows how to install the belts. If you need more info let us know so we can provide you with more assistance. Good Luck

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+ Now this is the way to dispute an answer. A link would be even better. What I don't understand is what the serpentine belt that they sell for the model is for?

by mayer

I wondered about that as well and did get my hand on the manual. that particular year does not show a serpentine belt. I was very surprised about that. Still trying to find it as a link since the manual is 115mb and a PITA to download.

by oldturkey03

Possibly different motor options? I see they have both 4 and 6 cylinder engines.

by mayer

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Most cars and trucks today have what is called a serpentine belt which runs most accessories.They are very dependable and usually easy to replace. To decide if your belt needs replacing, simply look at the grooved side of the belt to see if it is cracking badly. A couple of cracks every 3 inches is normal, but if you see cracks every 1-2 inches I would reccomend that you replace it. On most cars and trucks the procedure is basically the same. First off, get the correct belt by bringing your cars VIN number to the parts store(located on your cars dashboard) the parts store may need it. If there are two choices, get them both so you can complete the repair. Once you have the correct belt, take a minute to review how the belt runs across the pulleys and also check to see if your car/ truck has a underhood diagram of belt routing in case you need it. In most cases you will need a socket wrench or breaker bar with either a 3/8" and /or 1/2" head on it and possibly a short extension. Some models may require a wrench of these similar sizes.Now that you are ready to go to work, you will need to find the spring loaded tensioner which is generally located near the top of the belt path; it usually has a shinny pulley on it. Look at the tensioner and insert the tool into it and apply opposing pressure to release the belt.Now, simply install the new belt making sure it fits into the grooves on all the pulleys. Start the car to check it and you are done

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That's not vehicle specific....his car does not have One serpentine belt....it has several belts one for each accessory....and the Alternator belt is the last one....so he has to remove all his other belts(A/C pump, power steering and waterpump belts) first to replace the alternator belt....

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+ This is correct the car does not have a serpentine belt, it has multiple belts.


by ABCellars

Gee I don't know. How do you explain these Honda Civic serpentine belt parts? This list is very vehicle specific. http://www.drivewire.com/vehicle/honda-c...

by mayer

== Gee I don't know. How do you explain these Honda Civic serpentine belt parts? This list is very vehicle specific. http://www.drivewire.com/vehicle/honda-c...

mayer, Mar 24 @ 11:50 PM ==

Look at the dates on the Honda models at that link. They are all 1996-Forward.

This thread is talking about 1992-1995 model Honda belts!

by jesusali

Not for nothing, but there is a 1992 serpentine belt on that list.


by 040304

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