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The smaller version of Google Home voice-activated speaker, equipped with Google Assistant. It was announced on October 4, 2017 and released globally on October 19, 2017.

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Where can I buy a new cord for my google mini

My dog chewed through the power cord in my google home mini. Where can I buy a replacement? Best Buy wasn’t sure if any cord would work.

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my rabbit bit mine. One bite, two pieces!


I’m looking for a replacement cord for my Google Mini..My new Australian Shepard was bored and left mine in two pieces.

=== Update (02/16/2019) ===

I’m still looking for a replacement cord.


As per my answer below.... The Google Home Mini uses a conventional Micro-USB cable to be powered. You can get a standard cable that terminates in a USB A connection, plug that into a 5V 1.8A tablet charger. The only trick is that the Micro-USB plug can't be too big, so as to fit into the MIni's receptacle. Keep the old cord's "Mini end" for comparison.


so my dog chew up the top of my google home charger i want to know where to get the same one


@David Ugarte At a store. Read the whole page.


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It uses any standard “micro usb” charge cable and charge port.

Take a look at the end of the cord and I bet you’ll find one that matches that within your house. You can then plug that cord into any standard USB outlet.

The only thing that MIGHT trip you up is if the cable you find has a base that is too wide to fit within the device’s small opening. If you find a cable that does not work, just make sure it’s fully seating.

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I tried using micro USB cable plugged to Samsung adapter, it works but keeps getting disconnected. The Google home mini will keep restarting.


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The included charger/cord is a simple USB 2.0 charger that produces standard 5 VDC at 1.8A.

Any tablet charger (for Apple or Android devices) should work, so long as the cord’s USB Micro B connector is small enough to fit through the recess in the GHM. Don’t whittle one down if it doesn’t fit, you could create a short.

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The Home Mini accepts power from a Micro USB cable. A charger that outputs anywhere between 1-2A should be fine

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The Micro-USB connector's shell must be small enough to fit into the Mini Home.


I do have to say that I used an extra power adapter I had laying around (had to shave down the plastic around the micro-USB because of the depth of the hole it has to slide in) and it works, for the most part.

It doesn't have enough amperage though, it runs pretty good until I try to play music through it, then after a few seconds it trys to draw too much and shuts off, then restarts.


The included adapter is rated for 1.8A so I would say that you need a charger that produces at least that for the GHM to function fully.


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going to GameStop you got your charger

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