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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Question about the Apple ID locked iPhone, Please help!

Alright so i just had to ask you guys cause i was searching too long and can't find the answer.

My question is, i have couple of problems with my iPhone 6 Plus, but the main problem is touch screen. I have so called ghost touch/unresponsive screen, and my question is what is the cause of that? And, i was thinking of buying a Apple ID locked iphone and just change that part with my iPhone so it can work, so, can it work if i do it, even if it's apple id locked? next question is, i also want to change entire screen with the locked one, and the mute sound button, and the home button, and eventually camera cause mine is dusty as f*ck...

So can i do it? i'm wondering because that iphone is locked and i don't know anything about that...

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2 Answers

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Yes, you can exchange all of the parts mentioned (Even with an apple locked Iphone) as long as they are same model. The home button change will make you lose your touch ID (Fingerprint) cause only the original can do that. Unless you spend near $`150 at apple for them to program a new one.

As for the Ghost touch... Screen change should fix that, but if you still experience the "No Touch" (Not responding to touch), that is "Touch Disease" and would require Micro Soldering to replace the Meson IC Chip and run a Micro jumper from the M1 pad under it.

When you actually begin, make sure your phones are powered off and battery disconnected first. Keep track of each screw around the LCD Connection Shield and DO NOT mix them up. They must go back into the same hole they came out of. The home button and camera assembly are held down with adhesive, heat them up a bit with a hair dryer and be very gentle with them... the cables are extremely fragile and can break inside. Just take your time and watch a few videos or read a few instructions manuals here on Ifixit to have a good understanding of how to do this successfully.

Let me know if you have any other questions, I'd be happy to help :)

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Well i forgot to mention that right upper part of my screen and upper left part of the screen is dark, and when i press my screen hard it goes back to normal, so i guess it's the screen problem... i'm kinda nervous because tomorrow i am going to buy the locked iphone for around 70 euros, and replace all this.. but the main reason is the annoying touch... oh and if it isn't the screen causing the touch disease, can i use the locked iphone's IC Chip and put it in mine?


@grabakaba Yes, you could but most times it's just as simple to remove yours, run the jumper and then reball the existing IC or replace... It's rare that the IC is bad, it is mostly due to the M1 Jumper and cold solder (Broken solder connection).

However, this is not a DIY job and requires an experienced Micro Solderer to repair "Touch Disease". If you found my answers helpful, please mark them as Chosen sollution? Thank you and best of luck!


thank you for your answers, you answered all of my questions! i'm very grateful! by the way, i won't mess with it cause i don't know anything , i'll just send it to a local repair store haha

Thank you anyways :)


You are most welcome. after you replace the screen and be careful... post back what your results are?


I sure will, tomorrow i'm going to buy the phone and leave my phone and the locked one at the repair store, so expect it to be done in 2-3 days, and when it gets back i'll post the results. :)


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I have the same problem with my iPhone 6plus, this is a hardware issue and you need to change the screen, when the screen starts to operate by it own, the upper bar will start to flash, the temporary solution is to hit the screen strongly then it will start responding. I do the same, but be careful not to break the screen

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