Testing the ADP-200ER. How To?

Hi Team!

Much like the question title states, i am looking for a way to test the ADP-200ER.

---I have tested many of ADP-240ARs, however, i have run into my first ADP-200ER. I am aware of the relay check for the 240, where you hook up the Multimeter to the 12VDC, and short the relay to send the current. i tried that on the 200ER, and i didnt get a signal. i have no way of telling if this means its failing, or if the adapter does not have the same workings to allow that test.

---I plugged the powersupplies, 5VDC connector to the board, and hit the button. the Voltage shoots to 12VDC, then starts discharging immediately, even if i hold the power button.

I am looking for a verified test that is known to test these 200ER model of power supplies. please let me know if you have one. im looking into possible power failures for the "BLOD"

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bumping the question up. im on a time crunch, and need an answer asap.


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