A1708 / EMC 2978 — Released October 2016, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar). The function key version packs an Intel Core i5 and two Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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A1708 Keyboard Replacement Tips

I own an A1708 which needed a battery and keyboard replacement, which I got around to looking at a couple of weeks ago. Wondering if anyone has undertaken this and has any tips in fitting the new keyboard?

It's an absolute nightmare to remove the keyboard due to the strength of the rivets and the fact that the back of the keyboard is a PCB material, so it breaks apart rather than coming off in one piece (like older models). You have to push the plastic keys inward to remove it, since you cannot rip it out, which slightly bends the aluminium cutout for the palmrest (although this can be rebent easily).

The issue I am having is fitting the new keyboard. I have removed a few rivets, and no matter if I pull, twist or knock out the rivets (all proven methods with Air and older Retina models), the rivets do not completely come out. Apple have made the tip of the rivet slightly smaller than the rest, so a bit of the rivet will always stay inside the hole, preventing the usual keyboard screws from going in due to the shallowness of the hole.

I have not removed all the rivets, since I want to see if anyone has any ideas of a way of completely removing the rivet, or how to secure the keyboard in the palmrest properly (before I remove all of the rivets).

I've attached a picture of the palmrest with the keyboard removed, and you can see the rivets (the head on these are very strong, and always stay attached to the rivet, which makes keyboard removal very tough), the holes left after the rivets are removed, and also the screw holes (there are a few screws holding the keyboard in, mainly the corners and lower right of the palmrest when looking at the back of it).

Bonus picture attached of the state of the keyboard after removal :) Any advice is appreciated! If anyone needs any clearer pictures, let me know and I'll take some more when in shop tomorrow

Block Image

Block Image

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Anyone attempted replacement of this before? @mayer @oldturkey03 @danj @refectio @tcrs_circuit ?


Looks like you just can't do it ;-{ Sorry Reece I've not done any yet.

Metal rivets changes things. Upper case assembly only now, bummer.


@reecee not on a 2016 model. I it does not look like I am going to do even attempt it ;-)


@danj I think it can be done (the rivets can be removed), it is just a case of figuring out the best way to secure the new keyboard in; possibly using a tap to widen the holes, or I'll explore other options...

@oldturkey03 yup, wouldn't recommend it until we have a sure solution :) I'm glad it's one of my devices and not a customer's, that's for sure

I'll update this answer with a solution when I get time to mess around with it again


Whoa...what a mess! Gladly, I have not come across this.


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@reecee I have successfully removed the keyboard and installed in a new one. You need to get hold of a diagonal cutter that looks something like THIS

Use it to grip (not cut) the rivet, twist it a little, and then pull it out with a pivoting action. You need to keep the rivets to reuse them. Hopefully you kept the some that were already pulled out when you punched the keys out from their socket.

To install, clean the base with isopropyl alcohol just in case the keys get stuck to the frame after installing. Lay the new keyboard back and screw back the screws (remember their positions before unscrewing)

Then use the flat back of a screwdriver, or the tip of a big enough torx screwdriver to punch the old rivets back. It can be done be is tedious. The most of the rivets will go in, but some may be too deformed to use.

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