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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6S released by Apple on September 25, 2015. Models: A1688, A1633

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Phone wont charge after water damage. How do I recover photos?


My wife dropped her iphone 6s in the ocean last week. We dropped into a bag of rice for 24 hours. It started right back up and charged fine for a bit while we tried to transfer photos of our newborn. The only other symptom was that the back camera wouldnt work.

Then after about 15-30 minutes, the phone stopped charging and the cables wouldnt charge it. We tried multiple cables but no success. We even tried the Apple Store but they couldnt get it to work.

So now we are stuck with an iphone with precious photos but no way to charge it. There's got to be a way to recover the photos in a DIY manner right? Since its a work phone we cannot leave it with anyone else.

Now, this is a work phone so we can easily get a replacement but what we cant replace are those newborn photos that arent backed up in icloud unfortunately.


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I also had this problem, but all I had to do was spray some compressed air into the charging port and all was fixed! You can use canned air or a compressor. Hope this helps!



I fix these quite a lot and generally if the phone has not been opened but has had water damage recently , there is likely still water inside that is evaporating and then condensing over and over and water is likely getting into the contacts and battery terminals.

It really needs opening to let the air on the dry it out but I have found that often the battery controller at the end of the battery gets shorted out and the battery does not function as intended and tends to not charge.

A charge port might be required to get charging again if the metal contacts are corroded and also a new battery may be needed if after the phone has been dried out it will still not charge.

Beyond this it would then need to have the board cleaned by a trained tech who can remove the magnetic shielding off the board and then carefully go over the board and test and check component level parts .

Water damage can be a phone killer and is the worst thing to get into an electrical device .


After dropping my phone in water, I put it in a bag of rice for 48 hours. That seemed to do the trick and the phone worked fine - until I realized it wouldn't charge. Using the advice above, I used compressed air to blow into and across the charging port. Immediately a tiny chunck of something flew out & it my face. It was hard. A few more sweeps yielded 2 more specs flying out. Now the phone is charging as normal. I'm guessing some rice dust or chaff got into the charging port.


I sent an iphone SE (1st gen) through a washing machine. It was off, and completely out of batteries when it went in. I opened it up, and popped off most of the cables, and dried it out for a couple of days. After reassembling and plugging in, it showed the low battery sign, and then the apple sign started flashing on and off. Doesn't seem to be charging though. Not sure what to try now.


My iPhone 6 was being wet in water after coming to my home unfortunately I put my iPhone on Charging since from that my iPhone is not getting on and not getting Charged


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Unfortunately, the "Rice" trick is mostly a myth. It does nothing but give you a false since that you are doing something to help your phone.

The damage from water is inside your phone, on the logic board and passing current through it will short out components. The good news is if you can open the phone, disconnect the battery, remove the LCD and Logic board and properly clean it as soon as possible. The shorted components can be replaced (In most cases) getting your phone working again.

There are shields covering about 70 - 80% of the components on the logic board that need to be removed, then give the board a proper ultrasonic cleaning with an electrical parts cleaner. Then give it an alcohol bath in IPA of over 95% (I use 99%). Then you can have the board tested to see which parts were damaged and need replaced.

Time is not on your side due to need to get the board out and properly cleaned ASAP.

Even though the phone can sometimes be fixed, there is no guarantee that it will stay fixed as the damage from water and corrosion tends to start a chain reaction for other damage down the road.

There are several places you can send your phone to that will do this service for you for DATA recovery.

Start by searching for a "Micro-Soldering" Iphone repair near you if you can find one. If you can't, there are several here on Ifixit that offer mail in services like myself, but would have to part with your phone for a week or so to have this done.

Do not attempt to charge it, change charging port or battery or apply power to the phone until you have had it properly cleaned as you could inadvertently cause more damage to the Logic board.

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I dont agree with the rice trick doesnt work I dropped it in a lake and spilled coffee on it and it was working fine after


If you get water damage to your phone and it works after putting in rice, it would have worked anyway. Water does not always kill your phone... but in most cases, it becomes a cancer... killing it slowly as corrosion takes hold


Is the rice Long Grain or short n stubby grain, Brown or white ? How long has the rice been rice and not a soggy plant drowning, was it packaged in home brand plastic or the fancy special occasssion rice packaging.Al l this must be accurate to work and this is what i did with my rice for my iphone that fell in my pool for a second and 3 quarters TOPS . AND.....It still did &&^& all. Yelling &&^& when it falls in the pool does nothing either so dont waste that little miricle worker either

So now im here because i was just given this iphone 6s to replace drowned 6 and ive drowned the 6s in same spot , same time and same way. Which was then placed in rice not so well trained for phone emergencys which clearly did &&^& all.

Which brings me back to can i fix this little ^er with a magic wand or something ? That would be cool if someone has a magic cure they can devolge and if you do i shall not alert the sheriff to your witchcraft and have you burnt on a stake. at the village fair Least i could do . Cheers


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there are external battery chargers, so long as you have the funds, and the ability to remove your battery alone.

Replacing the charging port may help if you have a board that is still functional.

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oh yeah... that is true.. but if the whole phone is dead its good bye to the pictures unfortunately.


and unfortunately @vitoscaletta is touching on the more common issue. board failures are too common.

My personal suggestion, is get it in to a Cell Phone Repair shop as soon as possible to have them run a corrosion clean out.


So i dropped my phone in pool and picked jt up out real quick and dryed jt real fast but it was fine until few days after it started to stopcharging on me but it was saying 100% but when i took out charge saying 1% and doesnt die just keeps turing of coming back to

1% its reall anoying would anyone no whats up with it


if a battery says 100% and then 1%, it normally points to the logic on the battery side, e.g the battery safety circuit at the end of the battery not doing its job properly. This can be brought on by water damage and water getting into the battery circuit on the battery itself. just changing the battery can solve this if the rest of the phone seems ok.


my samsung phone fell into the toilet and the phones working fine after i dried it off but the it suddenly stoped charging what shpuld i do please help dont have money to fix it


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This is just a suggestion,since the same happened with me, did you try shutting down the phone and the charging it?

My redmi note 3 fell in the pool and now it only charges when the phone is powered off.....doesn't make a lot of sense though.

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Yea !! it doesn't make sense yet this is the same $@$* happening with me !! my phone fell in water yesterday and now its only charging when its turned off ! i mean man this is crazy $@$* right there ! xD

I would like to add that my phone is Redmi note 5 plus tho so it may be something with redmi only idk xD


My phone is doing the same thing, and it's a Alcatel Tetra.


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the only way would be to replace the charging port.. if that does not work, then nothing will.


if you still have power on the phone and its working properly all you can do is to send the pictures to yourself on email / messenger.

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ok i found the answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update (03/06/2020)

My iPhone 6s fell into a Jacuzzi and it was down there for a good 15 mins! Tried connecting to a iTunes to restart it back to factory settings, but no luck. I gave up and bought a new phone.

Four weeks later, tried to turn it on again, and nothing happened. Not even the red charging sign that comes on whilst the phone is off, and it doesn’t charge. Not even that! It was completely off. Without hope, I placed it in a plastic container full of small white grain rice (like the take away food containers). Honestly, I never believed this would work but it at least turned on the red charging sign, but it wasn’t charging, and the phone was still off.

WHILST READING THIS FORM, JUST NOW, someone mentioned to dry it with an air compressor, I don’t have that, so as a joke I blew into the charging hole about 10 times, like strong! ANNND BAMMMMMMMM Its CHARGING, ITS ON, ITS ON 36% in about 20-30 mins.

Now I got two phones! What a survival story.


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