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My spark plugs are wet with gas


My truck would not start this morning. It will turn over and act like its gonna crank but it doesn't. This has happened before and I took out the spark plugs and cleaned and dried them out. The truck ran for another week or so then the same problem again.

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What size engine do you have? What exact year is it and is there anything else that is abnormal? Any service codes i.e.check engine light etc?


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Examining the tips of the spark plugs as they are removed can reveal a great deal about the health and performance of an engine. The appearance and color of the deposits can reveal other problems that may need fixing:

Normal deposits Light brown or tan colored.

Fuel fouled spark plug Black fluffy carbon deposits indicate an overly rich fuel mixture or possibly a weak spark. Check for such things as a stuck choke, a heavy or misadjusted carburetor float, a leaky needle valve in the carburetor, leaky injectors, low coil output or high resistance in the plug wires.

Wet spark plug A wet spark plug means the plug has not been firing. If not due to engine flooding, the problem may be a bad ignition cable (excessive resistance, shorted or arcing). But wet fouling can also be caused by dirt or moisture on the outside of the plug that provides a conductive path to ground, or by an internal crack in the ceramic insulator that shorts the plug to ground.

Oil fouled spark plug Heavy black deposits with an oily appearance. These are the result of oil entering in the combustion chamber, probably past worn valve guides, guide seals or rings. Switching to a hotter plug may help prolong plug life somewhat, but no spark plug will survive long under such conditions. The only permanent cure to this condition is to fix the oil consumption problem.

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Nakeia Moss, this could be almost anything and will be hard to diagnose from here. It could be your Air Charge Temp Sensor or the Coolant Temp Sensor as well as the Mass Air Flow Meter and of course your caps and rotor. I would probably go to a place that can run a diagnostic. they usually charge a flat fee and after that you do know (with a certain degree of accuracy ) what needs to be fixed. at least you can safe the labor cost, depending where you are located. Hope this helps. Good Luck to you.

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