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High Sierra does not run on OWC drive bought Jan17 HELP please

Upgraded my Mac Beginning this year with an OWC Aura 480GB drive,

now I cannot upgrade to high sierra for OWC drives to not support the filesystem change. So invested 450€ and now got stuck.

Manufacturer does not help at all. Offers a new line of drives costing the same. So another half thousand bucks???

Does please anybody have an idea what I could do?

Thanks very much in advance

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I spent hours installing the old apple drive - installing HighSierra and then trying to update the Aura SSD (1Tb). I then spent an hour on text support with OWC. The answer is that the Aura SSD WILL NOT WORK with HighSierra. They have a rebate program where they want to sell you the Aura Pro X - which will work but they will only give a $300 rebate after you have purchased the Auro Pro X. I have been an OWC customer for years and this is a pretty bad way to treat customers. The old Apple SSD (flash) works fine but the Aura SSD will not suport High Sierra because of the need to have APFS. Somehow they have frigged the internals on the drive to some proprietary system and HighSierra is a no go.


Well I've got good news! OWC has fixed there firmware issue with High Sierra: AURA SSD FIRMWARE UPDATE (BETA)


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The problem is both OWC's & Apples!

From The SSD Review

  • "The OWC Aura contains two SMI 2246 XT 4-channel controllers which are situated in a RAID configuration through a Marvell 9230 RAID controller. There are four unbranded 256MB MLC synchronous NAND flash chips which, once paired, create a RAID 0 volume with a 1TB capacity."

Basically, they tried to maximize the performance on what chips they where using. I personally think this is more an Apple mess up than OWC's.

OWC could have posted something to at least acknowledge the issue or contacted you if you gave them your email address. All we got was a MacRumors posting with no follow up. Or, info on where to look for news.

The Apple piece is the current release of APFS does not support RAID drives!

So what to do?? Sorry to say you'll need to wait a bit more until Apple fixes APFS to support RAID on the boot drive and if needed OWC to update their onboard firmware and/or device driver.

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Why would he have to go to the new format?


Good Question! @mayer Their OS installer forces it on SSD drives ;-{


@danj so you would have to install via an Envoy case in a machine like a 2012 that does not use a blade. Possibly do it in Target Mode?


@mayer - I would assume you would need to use an external drive of some sort as your boot drive which defeats the usage of the internal SSD as a bootable drive.

It's not where or how the installer is run its failure to allow you to choose which file system you want on the given drive. As an example: I'm still trying to figure out how to go back to Mac OS Extended (HFS+) on my SATA SSD drive as APFS sucks on it! But! Its smooth on PCIe NVMe drives!

So my takeaway here is... If you have a SATA/mSATA SSD drive, or you have a RAID drive as your boot drive don't jump to HS yet!

Apple appears to recognize a Fusion Drive and won't alter its file system during the HS install. If you have an Apple NVMe SSD no issues.

Apples Developer site docs are still stating RAID is supported but if doesn't work from our testing! Apple File System Guide


How about cloning it?


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You need the Aura Pro Xb. It is compatible with High Sierra.

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You can also upgrade your SSD with the new firmware: AURA SSD FIRMWARE UPDATE (BETA)


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