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Internal display problems after repair

After I replaced a faulty right speaker in my MacBook Pro 15" Mid-2014, the internal display went awry. The screen is distorted, visually squeezed to the left-third, is fuzzy like static in an old TV.

What works:

External displays work. Both HDMI and DisplayPort. All other functions, like airport, keyboard backlight, FaceTime video, and all work.

What I tried:

  • I've reset PRam, SMC. Tried safe mode and recovery.
  • Cleaned any dust/dirt away from connectors with dry, soft toothbrush

One of the steps says be very careful not to touch the cable connector after removing it. Could it be that I did, and this is the result? I've tried reseating it several times and I see no change. Do I need to clean it, with what?


Login page. Internal display glitched. Functioning external display (in mirror mode) above laptop.

Block Image

The display connector looks clean. What's a cheap/easy way to clean it more?

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Has anyone even seen this pattern before? Certainly vertical lines... but the compressed image too?


I have a replacement screen on the way to see if the problem is solved with a new display...


Finally got my screen after a shipping snafu. The problem shows on the new screen as well, so it’s something in the main board or female main board display connector.


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Issue will be screen related or logic board related. Try a test screen and take it from there. Did you disconnect the battery before disconnecting anything else? Chipped the LCD cable pins when reconnecting it into the logic board? No dirt or dust inside the LCD connector?

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Dirt in the female-side is a possibility. It was quite dirty in the case and I blew it around.

I certainly did disconnect power before anything else.

I’m not sure what a test screen is. It sounds like you are eluding to a troubleshooting process I am unaware of. If its simply a test pattern, i don’t see what it’ll tell me. If it was a logic board problem, then external displays would also fail, no?


Test screen as in try a known working screen, to see if it resolves the issue. It could be a logic board related issue affecting only the internal display (GPU issues only affect both the display and outputting to another display).

Try a known working screen, but first clean the LCD connector; otherwise you are just guessing.


Trying another screen is a rather obvious step. I would if I had any lying around. I'm just a dad with kid who's Mac I broke. I've tried brushing and 91% alcohol. Neither made a difference. I've finally ordered a screen. Thanks for the feedback.


I know, but it is necessary when diagnosing an issue; exhausting all easy solutions before looking into the more complex issues. Otherwise you are just trying to find an issue with a part which may be working absolutely fine. Picture issues like this are always related to the LCD from what I have come across


Problem follows computer; Test screen shows same pattern. Tried cleaning female connector again with 91% isopropyl alcohol . No change. Will disassemble main board again and check back side and other connectors . Don’t know what else to do. Perhaps I’ll disconnect anything non-essential (track pad, speakers, io, camera, etc.) and just boot with display ssd and keyboard, then try with just io and screen...


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