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Quitting appliance repair company

Seriously thinking about quitting the company I work for today. My question is - with 30 yrs experience I know a lot, but at 56 yrs old and a woman, is there a chance I could survive working independently?

Update (09/19/2017)

Thank you all for all the support, positive and sensible feedback. No matter what the problem, ifixit is always there to help! Thanks y'all!

I decided to think this through, do the math and be prepared versus jumping into something and failing due to lack of planning.

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I resigned gracefully on Thursday! Since then Ive ran 3 service calls and have scheduled calls though next week, Repaired several refrigerators in my shop for resale, plus, the profit is a lot more than my hourly wage was! I've made in 2 days what I did in a week.

I haven't even advertised yet-I just told 1 neighbor and my phone was ringing.

I know this won't always be this easy. I'm waiting on a reply from the city ordnance on do's and dont's, newspaper and Facebook advertising to start with, deciding on how much insurance or if being bonded is better. Things like that. In the meantime I'm having customers sign a damage waiver form. I have dba. I'm hitting the pawn shops today for vac pump. I want a more casual and comfortable uniform and not one that makes be look like a man. No offense guys ! So I will spend a little money today. I have a budget in place, price lists, parts suppliers, financial plan.

This is as ready as I'll ever be!

I welcome any advice, suggestions - negative or positive.


@ladytech place a link to your business contacts on your "About" page" I have lot's of daily contacts with people from around your area and will pass your information on. What do you foresee as your service area? Something like a 30-50 mile radius?

Loretta, I am proud of you! Way to go!!!! I think this will definitely make you happier as a professional and yes, stop dressing like the Maytag guy :-))


Awesome!!!!! (needed all those exclamation points to hit the character limit ;>)


Thanks Minho and oldturkey03!

Oldturkkey03. I was thinking Goliad Cuero and Yoakum area. I won't limit myself to only that area. I've been driving 150-200 miles a daywith Company X , I don't mind driving. If I'm hungry enough I'll drive wherever I have too. Monday I have a compressor install in Refugio. A nice hour drive.


@ladytech perfect. I deal with staff from Goliad, Victoria and surrounding area daily. I will definitely post your info in our break room as well as letting others know.

what's your business name? How to people find you on Facebook? Post the info on your about page for your profile on here.


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@ladytech absolutely. I bet you know more than anybody else around you. Your knowledge, ethics and reputation will be your best business card, it is who you are and and what your business will be. Age and gender will not matter and I bet people will trust and rely on you more because of it. We only go around once and this is not a dress rehearsal. Do what makes you happy and provides fulfillment. You got my vote!!!!

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Why not?

You have what so few people have...knowledge, skill, experience and you know your business inside out. If you have the internal drive to market yourself and find customers, you will make way more working for yourself than for someone else.

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Yes you can! The hard part is getting known.

I would start off pulling together a good marketing 'Stick' how about leveraging your self as a woman? I know of a few car repair garages that do that so other woman are not intimidated when they are trying to get their car fixed.

Next, pull together a good name, logo & collateral to promote your self. Don't forget about the Web! Get a web page made and setup a mail system so people can post appointment requests.

Talk with some local people who are running their own business read a couple of good books on how others did it. Keep in mind 50% of startups fail within the first year!

Lastly, get a second phone for your business line and talk with an accountant and a good lawyer to help you setup the needed books, IRS, State & local taxes and permits. There is quite a lot of paperwork before you can even do your first job!

Keep in mind it will take you at least a year or two to get the same paycheck you have now (minus your expenses). So make sure you have enough savings to carry yourself as you get started up.

Set goals and make sure you have a way to exit back into current job or some other if things don't pan out.

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Most of my business now comes from Google web searches. Sure I have a large customer base after all these years but usually I only see my good customers every 4-5 years when they're looking to upgrade or get into a new machine. So for me those reviews and their quality is critical to bring in new customers and the listing is free.

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I'd say thirty years is more than enough knowledge. Learning business management is key.

My Father and Uncle started a business about 12 years ago called Benchcrafted. At the time they didn't know a whole lot about making vices or other woodworking tools, but they did know how to manage a business. Thanks to good management and good products, our business is thriving. My Uncle has been on the cover of a few woodworking magazines and our products are considered the "Go-To" for what they are. We did all this while maintaining a smaller candle making business.

As @danj said, read some good books on the subject. Maybe even Small Business for Dummies.

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