Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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touch screen freezing repeatedly

Hello everyone!

Actually I've searched several places into this community, but couldn't find an answer that fits what I suppose is the problem.

What is happening is the constant and persistent freezing on the screen of my Iphone. When it happens the devise blocks and the only way to resume working on it is the light off of screen and start that all over and even some times doesn't work properly and I have to do againi the previous steps.

I've already tried several processes including reset the phone into its factory configuration, but didn't work.

Is there anybody able to inform any possible cause and possible step to fix it?

Thanks you all in advance for the attention and cooperation.



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If you've done a Factory reset then it pretty much has to be hardware. Replacing the touch screen (about $100 in USA) may take care of it.


Gents, in addition to my above question one more thing I've remembred about this tiouch screen t is about probably some ghosts doing something on it.

Actually the screen starts application withou a single touch sometimes looking like a ghost is doing something invisibly. Looks like a joke, but this is happening very often. So this is also a possibility of changing the display and solve these issues or should I check something else??

Thanks + Rgds

@bellarosa Marco


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When you say the screen freezes, do you mean that it wont respond to touch or that the phone itself is "locked up" (won't repsond to any buttons like volume, mute or home)?

If it is not responding to touch, it may be suffering from Touch Disease. You can go to my profile for a link to a blog post I wrote on this subject (or you can search Google). Touch Disease is prevalent on the iPhone 6P and less so on the iPhone 6 but it does occur.

You may have a screen issue or a logic board issue. A simple way to determine this is to try a known-good replacement screen (follow this guide). If another screen works fine, than your original screen is defective. If the replacement screen does the same, then you have a logic board issue, possibly Touch Disease. This requires a micro-soldering repair and is not DIY.

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Hi Minho. Many thanks for all your comments. In fact I've read about this Touch Disease and regretfully couldn't realize whether this could be my issue or not. As for the questions, the Iphone freezes the touch screen only, but the home button and other keep on working. FYR when it happens I press the home or switch on/off keys to do something like a reset then resume whatever I was doing and sometimes once is not enough.

Besides this may not be the place or time to say so, I can't understand a Co like Apple spreading all over they are he best and produce best devices in the world, the most expensive and even though they are going through thousands of failures on daily basis.

If any further suggestion may rise from this I'll really appreciate and thank you.




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