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Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Damaged wifi connector on logic board - repair possible?

Whilst installing a second hard drive, I managed to damage the connector on the logic board that handles wifi/bluetooth/isight camera. Of these things, the bluetooth and the camera both still work fine, but i have no AirPort card showing up in my system profiler - one of the pins on the cable end looks slightly bent, but bends back into line, but one of the pins on the logic board end seems slightly out of place.

If the logic board connector is in fact damaged, anyone know if it's possible to repair this?

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Yes this item can be replaced. You will of course need the replacement part and a SMD rework station.

I have replaced this connector successfully. Did you note the small black plastic piece that is glued to the logic board to keep this cable in place. You may be able to resolve your problem by reattaching that or

at least making sure that it is firmly against the back of the connector.

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Thanks for your reply - I've actually subsequently been able to inspect the board and thankfully it was just a bent pin which I have managed to bend back, fixing the wifi.

I still need to replace the isight cable as one of the pins (the ground I think) has broken off the cable end. Bit of a pain as I think I have to remove the front screen glass....


UPDATE: I've replaced the iSight cable but the screen is still showing dim/dark spots along the bottom, as if alternate LEDs in the backlight are out... is this possible? Any ideas why it would be??


@ dlb3kids:

do you know where i can get this connector -is it a "u.if -connector"- and can you give me a link to a manual for replace this? Thank you for your answer, looking forward.


I think this is the exact problem with my 2011 mbp 15 inch. The blue tooth and camera work fine, but the wifi is not even an option and the computer does not detect a wireless card installed when there is one. I don't see any bent pins or anything but then again I don't know what a bent pin really looks like. Everything connects and works fine except the wifi. The airport sign on the top of the screen that is on macbook pros that you click to choose wireless connections does not exist and it can not be brought back. There isn't even a blank one. There used to be a blank one until I updated to mavericks thinking the new OS would fix the problem. Maybe a driver issue? I am a pc person trying to fix this thing but I just can't figure it out. I took apart the computer and rebuilt it and am using it right now with ethernet but wifi just doesn't exist! any pictures of the pins bent or anything would be awesome.


Try new wifi card, try new wifi card cable, and check for 3.3v on L3404. No guessing!!


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