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Mid 2011 iMac EFI Chip Swap Question

The motherboard on my imac went bad so I purchased a complete motherboard on ebay. Same model but an i7 processor rather than the i5. Except that when I got it I found out its EFI locked and it's a mid 2011 so the ram trick won't work. I have read through how to reprogram or clear the password on the chip but thinking it will be easier to just swap the unlocked chip on my old board to the new. Because it's the same model and the serial number on the old board is mine and it's trash i shouldn't have to do any programming that way right?


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Happy to update I swapped the chip and it worked perfectly. With a hot air solder gun the process took about 5 min. My iMac is back up and running.

I would post pictures and video of the process but to your point, I don't want to encourage unethical EFI chip swaps.

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If its EFI locked you should return it to the seller and get your money back as it came from a stolen iMac!

Are you sure the main logic board is bad? Maybe it's only the graphics card which you could swap out with the other board to at least test. If it is then you could return the board and just get a replacement GPU card.

That would be cheaper and you would be doing the right thing here not rewarding a chop shop that handles stolen systems.

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I have already replaced the video card, power supply, RAM and the issue persists. Motherboard was a last resort. As I understand it the not for profit I purchased it from received the iMac as a donation and lost the password that came with it. I got the complete motherboard with video card and processor for $50 so I would not be returning it even if it didn't work at all as the other parts were worth the purchase price. I took a risk and I'm okay with that. They actually did disclose it was locked I just missed it in the description.

I get there are people out there stealing macs but by no means does that mean every locked mac is stolen. I do not believe there is anything unethical going on here and would take it to apple to unlock if I thought they would be helpful.

I don't really have much to lose so I will swap the chip and if it works great. If not I'm no worse off. The computer isn't worth spending a few hundred dollars to buy a new motherboard.


@zeerocool - David I hear you! The problem in todays world is you can't tell who is who! In an open forum as this I don't want to offer help to the thefts. Sadly that also effects honest folks as well.

As for your systems value you would be surprised it still has value!

Good Luck!


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